In a business, the burden on sales reps to generate more revenue gets heavier by the day and the more a company grows, the higher the pressure placed on sales reps.

It tends to affect their overall productivity and companies need to figure out how can they support their sales reps. Access to the right tools can help an individual to properly utilize their sales teams by providing support to generate more revenue.

If there is enough sales support, it can help to limit the drastic slump in sales performance that fails to align with the high expectations of the management. The development of social media and technology has done a bit more harm than good to the sales process because sales reps are easily distracted.

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 But the truth is, a technology well used in managing sales reps is the biggest advantage of all. Using a field sales monitoring app such as the CloudApper SalesQ can enhance the performance of reps by providing enough support.

How do I Support a Sales Representative?

Sales reps can receive support in form of automation of some key operations that are cumbersome by using sales management. Here is how:

Administer Sales Training

Adequate training of sales reps about the selling process will familiarize them with the goods and services offered by the clients. This means sales reps can now make targeted pitches to help them convert leads

You can use SalesQ to train your reps by granting them access to relevant training materials via their phones. There is increased mobility and your reps can adopt modified strategies for sales conversion as you have instructed.

Let Them Know About Customers

The best support you can give to a sales rep is by giving them detailed customer information. When your reps know who they are dealing with, they can make better preparations for the right pitch that will convert. More leads can be converted as your reps will have carried out diligent research to determine the needs and wants of the customers.

Go Mobile

Remote sales reps are not fans of lengthy meetings as well as cumbersome and time-consuming report processes. Adopting a field sales monitoring app can help them to provide reports about their activities while they are still in the field. 

If enough data about target customers are provided to reps via their mobile phones, it will enhance their productivity. SalesQ is a viable option if you are looking to manage sales teams through their mobile phones to improve mobility and generate higher profits.

Use Analytics

Data captured using technology for evaluating sales performance makes it easier to provide adequate support for sales representatives. The purpose is to track performance and develop relevant strategies to make up for any erring aspect in the sales process for necessary adjustments.

You can also use sales analytics to predict the sales projections for the next period and likewise, the kind of products that will sell well. Efficient sales agents can be sent to convert leads in highly profitable locations and also, maintain customers to yield revenue.

Provide an Online Catalog

The best pathway to selling is underlined by the availability of adequate knowledge of the product. Sales reps will be unable to sell products they do not know well. You will need to show them graphical images of the product or its samples to enable them to drive sales.

The use of paper-based records of products that are inconvenient to print or move around restricts mobility. When you go digital with an app like SalesQ, you can scan the barcode of a product and generate a well-detailed product catalogue that can enhance the selling process.


To generate high returns and sales, you need to provide adequate support for your sales reps. It is also important to the growth of your company if you can adopt the right tools to increased productivity and revenue via mobile management practices. You can benefit from using SalesQ– a field sales monitoring app– to support your reps and generate more revenues. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!