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Robert Brown | Posted on November 3, 2021 / in Sales Force Management / 1258 views

How Do You Manage a Field Sales Team?

The answer to how do you manage your sales team is almost always through proper coordination. You have to set and approve sales schedules, meeting and visit plans, and distribute quotas. Doing these activities can be clumsy, especially for a large sales team, and technological aid might help.

Outside sales reps need to be managed well to ensure they are indeed completing tasks and helping you increase your ROI. CloudApper is a no-code platform that can help you create mobile apps that help you run your business through phones. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales force tracking app that can help you coordinate your sales teams to generate better results.

How Can SalesQ Help Coordinate a Field Sales Team?

SalesQ can help you manage and guide your sales reps to automate reporting and increase the efficiency of your sales operations in the following ways:

Orange ICT Solutions PLC of Ethiopia uses CloudApper SalesQ for sales force monitoring and  performance analysis

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Orange ICT Solutions PLC of Ethiopia uses CloudApper SalesQ for sales force monitoring and performance analysis

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Track Targets

SalesQ allows you to track the targets of your sales reps in real-time, which gives you a clear picture of the progress of your sales teams. Sales teams can be managed well if their KPIs are closely monitored. The report provided by sales reps from the field allows them to be mobile and helps you address reps who need to fix their performance to increase sales.

Nurture Top Accounts

Accounts that order a lot of items in bulk, or have the largest order sizes, are key accounts and generate the most value for your business. Knowing how to manage a field sales team requires efficient utilization of resources, and nurturing the part of the pipeline with top customers can help you generate more revenue in a given time and increase your profits by tracking such accounts on an app.

Automate Tasks

SalesQ allows you to automate repetitive tasks like reporting by coming back to the office. Instead, reps can report from the field through their phones, increasing their mobility and letting them invest more time in prospects. Notifications can also be enabled that alert you when certain targets have been completed to help you manage your sales reps better.

Authenticate Visits

Guesswork when managing sales teams is a thing of the past. Modern technology allows you to manage the locations of reps through geo-fencing, allowing them to only provide check-in reports from client locations. This increases the ROI from sales operations, as reps make guaranteed visits, and you do not miss out on major deals, as you have a set of eyes in the field.

Authenticate Visits

Collecting information on sales activities through the phones of sales reps will tell you how to manage a sales team through analytics. Data captured through digital methods will allow you to analyze it, and an app like SalesQ can present it in dashboards that provide rich insights. Revenue generation across the board, the size of recent orders, and the pipeline stages are neatly displayed so that you can plan and manage better.


Managing a field sales team requires coordinating a lot of aspects. Pen and paper or spreadsheet methods will bog down your progress, as competitors are increasingly relying on technology to get ahead of you. SalesQ is a field sales monitoring tool that can help you manage your reps to ensure better performance. Contact us now to see how SalesQ can increase your revenue.

CloudApper SalesQ & OMNI ERP integration


CloudApper SalesQ & OMNI ERP integration

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