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How Do I Find Sales Order History On-the-Go?

Accessing sales order history on the go can help plan sales visits in order to make sure daily revenue targets are being met. If a sales rep is hitting their sales target, it does not necessarily mean that they have achieved their average sales or revenue target. Orders that carry more value for the company and generate more profit should be tracked to ensure revenue targets are being met.

Technology these days allows you to track orders on the go and keep an eye on the activities of sales reps in the field. CloudApper is a no-code platform with apps that help you run your business from a phone. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help you manage inventories and view order histories for better sales.

Why Check Sales Order History On-the-Go?

Checking sales order history on the go is essential to make sure that the right deliveries are being made and any client complaints are being resolved:

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Understanding Sales Progress

Reps should be provided a way to check sales orders so they know whether they are nearing their revenue targets. Selling less expensive products will not help reach targets, and the reps should promote a healthy balance of offers he or she is delivering to generate more profits. Reps will also be able to maximize deliveries by tracking orders.

Order Documentation

Recording order history and being able to access it fast can help resolve customer complaints and pull up order information whenever necessary. This can lead to better service and increases the mobility of sales operations by eliminating pen and paper options and using only digital methods. An order database acts as a reference for quick and seamless customer complaint resolution.

CloudApper SalesQ for Field Sales Monitoring

SalesQ can help you track the activities of the sales force and track orders by recording order details, time of delivery, and order status. Order size can also be tracked to locate top customers:

View Order Lists

SalesQ allows you to access order history from the field by listing the customer, order number, and amount payable for seamless deliveries. Entries can be made on the go, and from the field, so that inventory can be dynamically procured to deliver orders faster and satisfy customers. This helps increase sales. The order list also matures over time as more orders are compiled, helping you spot trends to increase sales.

Identify Top Customers

Top customers or key accounts are clients who make large orders and provide a significant amount of your revenue. These accounts should be nurtured by sending the top reps and by providing special offers that can lead to increased profit. SalesQ identifies your best customers and displays them so that you can target them better. Key account information is consolidated by SalesQ to ensure that you understand who should be the prime focus of your business.

Benefits of Managing Order History

Managing orders on the go has multiple benefits. It guarantees strong supervision and ensures customer satisfaction through authentic deliveries:

Achieve Targets

Allowing reps to view the number of orders they are generating and delivering can nudge them to perform better since they can track their sales goals and how much they have already generated. This helps reps to hit or exceed targets, increasing your profits.

Reduce Errors

Maintaining a digital database of orders that can be accessed at all times can help you reduce errors by actually verifying whether the right deliveries were made if there is a complaint. This can lead to faster issue resolution and help improve your image as a brand. A digital database of orders is the perfect way to make sure your deliveries are completed, and data is being analyzed to ensure you get correct insights.

Accessing orders from the field can help your sales team keep track of deliveries and increase the efficiency of sales operations. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help your reps manage order histories and report on their progress. Contact us today and enjoy a plethora of apps by CloudApper.

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