The factors that influence optimum sales team performance are quite numerous and it is a big mistake to focus on just a select few as it may impede profit yield. There should be in-depth knowledge that will aid in the efficient management of sales reps in a bid to improve the performance of sales teams. 

Some of the metrics that can be used as commensurate factors for the successful management of the sales process include the number of calls made by sales reps, the rate of target achievement, and the number of cross-sells made over a period.

There will be a digital transformation of the sales process if the right technological innovations are adopted as tools to boost the degree of performance of your sales teams.

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 Sales teams management has become quite easy as field sales teams can be remotely overseen and monitored through their mobile devices. One of such relevant tools is a field sales monitoring app like CloudApper SalesQ. It functions by enabling managers to get the best out of sales teams by proper management of productivity and enhancing accountability.

Ways to Improve Field Sales Teams

With the advent of a remote system of sales operations, managers can be efficiently coordinated in several ways. Here are some of how this can be achieved:

Going Mobile

The use of mobile technology to improve transaction speed lifts the cumbersome burden that is often associated with the use of pen and paper. 

The sales process becomes relatively easier and it saves an awful lot of time as sales reps can close targets faster. Sales reps can easily file reports of their field sales activities using their mobile phones by using an app like SalesQ.

Provide Adequate Training

If anyone knows how best to enhance the performance of field sales teams, it’s got to be the managers. Professional managers are reputed for having gathered great insight over the years through the first-hand experience as sales team leaders themselves or in data analysis or by learning from tips provided by industry experts. 

This important market knowledge should be made available to sales reps regularly via an accessible centralized platform that facilitates easy learning.

Implement Sales Data Analytics

Metrics obtained from field sales activities can be leveraged to evaluate and determine the performance of sales reps and improve productivity.

 You can use metrics like the number of customers who are the highest buyers, rate of sales target achievement, and profitable locations for sales obtained by tracking activities to increase revenue. An app like SalesQ tracks and provides data that can be used to guide sales reps.

Set Achievable Goals

The activities of sales reps are often summarized in the sales targets assigned to them. It keeps them moving constantly and the best of the crop can be distinguished in terms of performance.

The role of the manager is to set easy and manageable targets that can be subject to changes depending on the nature of the sales process or the locations. Aside from setting achievable targets, the addition of the right incentives as credit for sales target achievement can keep a sales team on their heels and raring to go in the right direction to generate huge profits.

Use a Field Sales Monitoring App

SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can be used to track locations of the field sales team and generate sales metrics data to improve sales teams performance. It provides the right push that inspires sales reps to work smartly and also, enhance the generation of authentic reports of their field sales activities.

 Hence, earning higher profits becomes inevitable. One of the key advantages that SalesQ confers on managers is the ability to get the best out of their sales teams through mobile management.


Sales team improvement has becomes relatively easy with the use of technology and the advancement of the internet. It is now possible to enhance and properly manage the performance and, also increase the accountability of the sales team. 

The use of a mobile sales management app like SalesQ can help in sales management by fostering the alignment of sales reps to the objectives of the organization and also, providing metrics for data analysis. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!