Field sales force automation is the act of taking assistance from the internet and software tools to make the sales management process paperless and remote. This technology achieves the act of making daily sales processes app-based, reducing the hassle of monitoring sales teams which is difficult to do unless managers are on the field. Reporting is also instant, as sales reps do not have to return from the field, and can do so from their phones.

This process streamlines the entire sales operations process and helps in the fluid management of sales reps, inventory, and recording of customer feedback. A sales force workflow automation app like SalesQ by CloudApper helps you to automate your sales processes by managing sales reps through their phones. Sales metrics like targets, sales per rep, and geographic locations yielding the most sales are displayed in interactive dashboards for robust sales force management.

Why Should You Automate Your Field Sales Force?

Increasing the overall efficiency of your sales force is now possible thanks to cell phones, the internet, and cloud-based technology. This will help you make profits faster, eliminating the hassle of dealing with a sales force that is not properly aligned and the slowness of reporting manually and assigning leads. Trends can be followed in real-time and instructions can be communicated on the go to make remote sales force management instant.

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How to Automate Your Field Sales Force

A field sales monitoring app like SalesQ by CloudApper can be utilized to automate your field sales force for increased efficiency in the following ways:

Assign Leads in Real-Time

Leads that get approved from your pipeline can be instantly assigned to relevant sales reps who are adept at servicing that demographic of customers. This eliminates the hassles of calling up sales reps and assigning leads manually, which saves time and increases the overall efficiency of workflow.

Manage Reports and Locations Remotely

Sales rep locations can be tracked remotely by using Geo-fencing using a sales force workflow automation app like SalesQ. Reports on task completion can also be viewed by managers as sales reps tick on ‘complete’ after a task has been done from the field. This automates the process of manually asking for reports and gives managers a bird’s eye view of sales team performance.

Align Your Team on the Go

Need to communicate targets? A change in plans? Share customer-specific info? Just resort to a central system for sharing updates that reaches your field reps in real-time. Important messages and training videos can also be uploaded as per necessity using a tool that automates field sales teams.

Analyze Trends through Interactive Dashboards

Automated sales management tools help increase sales by displaying latent trends that report on sales metrics like sales target fulfillment, accounts closed per rep, and geographic locations most profitable. These aspects help tweak the sales management process to cut operation time and inefficiencies that ultimately help increase profits.

Benefits of Field Sales Force Automation

The benefits that can be reaped from sales force automation are ample, and directly lead to increased profitability:

Better Inventory Insights

Since leads, sales reps, and orders are tracked dynamically, it becomes easier to procure the right product and in the right quantities. This helps in better serving the market and reducing warehousing costs and wastage in the case of perishable goods, leading to better warehousing operations.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Sales rep monitoring not only streamlines the sales force automation process but also helps record customer feedback. These things combined lead to faster customer service and help in analyzing customer feedback to enhance service and goods. Sales reps log customer feedback from the field, instead of going back to the office, so there is no disruption in data. All of these combined ensure a high level of customer satisfaction.

Faster Pipeline Management and Revenue Generation

Automating sales processes can help detect potential prospects, which can then be converted to paying customers. Sales force automation through a field sales monitoring app like SalesQ can help increase sales force efficiency to accelerate this process. Taking various sales metrics into account can also help tweak sales and sales processes to increase sales team and operational efficiency, leading to faster revenue generation. 

Sales force automation of field sales can be achieved through a field sales monitoring app like SalesQ which takes your manual sales processes online for increased efficiency. The internet and mobile phones have made sales management seamless to increase sales force accountability and performance to enable better customer satisfaction. Now is the time to switch to a cloud platform that automates your sales processes to not fall behind. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!