Figuring out how to get your sales team to use your collateral can be the difference between mediocre and superb sales. Digital collateral like presentations and other graphics can be quite essential in making or breaking sales deals.

Salespeople might not have access to these marketing collaterals, or they might be unaware of their existence. As a manager, it is your duty to ensure salespeople read up and utilize your marketing collateral.

Since sales reps have their phones with them at all times, it is convenient if the marketing collateral can be provided to them directly through their phones.

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CloudApper is a low-code platform that lets you create customized apps for your business, no coding knowledge required. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help in sales and marketing collateral distribution.

Why Get Your Sales Team to Use Your Marketing Collateral?

The sales team should use the marketing collateral for the following reasons:

Efficient Usage of Resources

Marketing collateral is wasted if sales reps are not displaying its contents to customers to enhance their sales pitch. Visual content is vital for making sales presentations, as visual cues make it easier to drive home points to customers. Having marketing collateral available to salespeople via SalesQ can help your sales reps make more conversions through a better pitch.

Better Customer Experience

Teaching your sales team how to use your marketing collateral can help them provide a better experience to the clients of the company. Being shown, instead of being told, how your products can change the lives of your customers is a better method of providing sales proposals. The right visual material can also help customers make proper buying decisions.

CloudApper SalesQ for Field Sales Monitoring

Sales teams can be monitored and coordinated through Cloudapper SalesQ.

Strategic Guidance

Training and strategies can be communicated to reps in real-time to ensure reps perform well. SalesQ also allows you to attach marketing collateral, tricks, and training videos to be accessed by the whole sales force. This can help in granting salespeople instant access to sales collateral as it is published, which can then be shown to customers to generate more sales.

Digital Product Catalog

SalesQ allows you to form a digital product catalog by scanning barcodes. This eliminates the hassle of sales teams carrying around paper flyers, and updates to product information are instantaneous. Any changes made to product labels and packaging by the marketing and brand teams will be easier for the sales reps to show off to customers, increasing sales.

Advantages of Getting Your Sales Team to Use Your Marketing Collateral

SalesQ allows your sales team to access marketing collaterals easily for the following benefits:

Increased Sales

Reps who share marketing collaterals with prospects have a better chance of making conversions. Customers can order better if they see digital collateral and product catalogs, which helps them appreciate the brand of your company. This helps them order seamlessly due to superior service by reps who are enabled by technology.

Better Marketing Operations

Feedback from reps can help the marketing department in designing collaterals. The sales and marketing teams can work together to develop material that helps increase sales and produce fruitful results for the company. SalesQ allows reps to provide notes on individual customers and their feedback.

Using marketing and sales collateral can help the sales team by allowing the customers to visualize how your products and services can benefit them. This can help them form buying decisions, resulting in more conversions, and helping you increase your revenue. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help in providing marketing collateral and training to reps in the field. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!