Sales communication amongst representatives and with the management is extremely important in terms of achieving quotas. Sales teams should always be aligned with the management’s desired strategies and product changes. This can help them target and inform customers better for a solid selling effort.

Technology can help sales teams stay aligned with strategies and product updates from management right from their phones. This helps them sell better, generating more revenue for your company. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help you communicate strategies and training with sales teams on the go.

Importance of Effective Sales Communication

Effective sales communication helps your sales teams in the following ways:

Extract 100% from your Field Sales Team
- Double Your Revenue

Real-Time Sales Activity Monitoring

Mobile App Facilitates Working on the Go

Increase Productivity With Efficient Task Management

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Teams that know how to sell and what they are selling do well and stay satisfied. Customers are better served by well-rounded and informed teams who are confident about their products. These qualities help them answer customer queries and respond effectively to how your products can help alleviate the customer’s pain points. This helps in increasing revenue.


Managers have better insight into sales metrics and have experience related to the market. They understand latent trends and can forecast changes. Managers can communicate to sales reps in the field to guide them adequately. This can help sales reps unlock the importance of sales communication and generate more revenue.

CloudApper SalesQ for Field Sales Monitoring

SalesQ allows you to monitor and align your sales representatives in the following ways:

Strategic Communication

SalesQ allows you to share directions with your sales teams in real-time to ensure they are chasing the right prospects. Sales teams can also be nudged to complete daily targets, which ensures that their efforts are being regulated, and pushes them to perform better. Training modules can also be attached, which the whole team can view from their phones, increasing sales communication.

Digital Product Catalog

Paper brochures can be hard to carry around and can be a hassle to frequently update. These days, people try to avoid carrying items that need to be touched for use. A digital catalog can teach you the importance of sales communication by having real-time product updates. SalesQ allows you to form a catalog just by scanning barcodes.

Benefits of Communicating with Sales Teams

Aligned sales teams can help you reap great dividends:

Increased ROI

Trained sales reps sell better and generate increased sales. Reps who know what they are doing segment, target, and pitch better, leading to more conversions. Reps who are successful tend to stay longer, becoming the face of your sales team and growing good rapport with customers.

Superior Customer Experience

Reps who serve customers well by answering their questions leave a lasting impression, helping to generate positive word of mouth. Satisfied customers make repeat purchases and try out other product lines you offer, ultimately increasing your profits.

Sales communication can make all the difference when it comes to selling well and generating profits or lagging behind due to the absence of communication. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help in sales management and aligning reps for increased profits. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!