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Increase Revenue by Recording Field Sales Pipeline Activity

When there is an extended period of stagnancy in the sales process, businesses often endure huge losses in revenues. The use of a digital tool to keep records of field sales pipeline activity can be used to determine what is wrong with the sales rep performance and increase profits.

If the pipeline is healthy, the sales process becomes seamless and tracking the subsequent efforts of sales reps in managing pipelines sets the business up to generate more profit.

Management of sales pipelines can be challenging to sales managers and it shows that there is still a lot of room for improvement. With the rapid advancement in technology, large amounts of data can be easily collected through mobile phones.

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Such data can be analyzed to solve any issue related to the pipeline. When you record data from your pipeline activity using a sales monitoring app like CloudApper SalesQ, you automatically increase the chances of earning higher revenues.

Recording Field Sales Pipeline Activity

To facilitate an increase in sales and revenue, managers must commit to monitoring the pipeline activity of field sales reps. Below are some ways in which you can do this:

Track Follow-ups

Ensure that there is a consistent follow-up system by recording field sales pipeline activity, ensuring that more prospects are converted into leads and then, buying customers.

Follow-up of assigned targets must be monitored to evaluate sales performance. An app like SalesQ allows you to monitor the activities of your sales team by tracking their sales visits and their follow-up targets to generate better sales.

Assess the Size of Your Pipeline

To ensure the attainment of peak sales performance, you should be privy to the number of prospects and current customers in your pipeline.

This knowledge can help growing businesses take advantage of up-selling and cross-selling opportunities. Sales reps can ultimately customize their sales pitches to convert prospects into customers.

Nurture Top Accounts

You can easily track key accounts, that is, top customers who buy the highest volume by recording the field sales pipeline. This set of clients are important to the success of the business and ultimately, yield the highest returns.

Once, you have pinpointed these key accounts you can then assign your best sales reps to manage them efficiently. SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help you to identify the top customers for a more strategic sales approach.

Manage Tasks

When the sales process is managed successfully, it can help to increase revenue if the metrics regarding sales activities and tasks are tracked accordingly.

Sales reps should be educated to log in their visit details on the app to ensure that they are accountable for the time they use at work. It also helps to ensure that they do their utmost to convert leads into customers for better revenues.

Giving your sales reps an avenue to provide reports on tasks via their mobile phones makes the reporting process much simpler and helps you record field sales pipeline activity.

Take Daily Updates

Sales reps should log on their work progress updates on the app at the end of each working day and also, evaluate their field sales performance.

It provides great motivation that will inspire them to do better and convert more leads. A manager of a remote field sales team stands to benefit the most from this feature and boost revenue. The daily updates provided by an app like SalesQ can be used as records of field sales pipeline activity.


It is noteworthy why sales pipeline activities and metrics should be tracked and measured to increase revenue. The quality of the sales pipeline provides an insight into the capability and performance of a sales rep.

It can also be used to predict how the business will perform in the future. You can trust SalesQ to help you track the sales pipeline and increasing revenue. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!

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