How to Manage a Pharmaceutical Sales Force

Pharmaceutical sales are an essential part of the pharmaceuticals industry, as new and upcoming products are disbursed to physicians through pharmaceutical drug representatives. The pharmaceutical industry is an essential business and helps save billions of lives around the globe. Pharmaceutical drugs come in all types and have their separate uses. Managing a diverse sales force of pharmaceutical sales agents can be daunting but is absolutely necessary to guarantee profits for pharmaceuticals manufacturers.

COVID19 has changed the way pharmaceutical drug representatives work in various ways. Demand for various essential drugs and vaccines has skyrocketed. The ways reps work have altered as well, such as the way they reach doctors and how they receive information from headquarters across territories. Digital management and remote work are at an all-time high. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that lets you manage your pharmaceutical sales reps through their phones.

Ways to Manage a Pharmaceutical Sales Team

Pharmaceutical field-based sales forces must be professionally managed to ensure optimum distribution and high profitability in the following ways:

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Real-Time Sales Activity Monitoring

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Track Pharmaceutical Sales Rep Visits

It is essential to check in on a remote field sales force that is in the business of vending drugs to make sure that they are delivering their products, communicating with doctors, and visiting pharmacies to push products. Locations and orders should be tracked in this regard along with reports on task completion. The internet and mobile phone technology have made access to this information seamless due to cloud-based performance management apps.

Push Inventories That Are Performing Better

SalesQ lets you analyze products that are performing better and are being consumed in large numbers by customers. This lets you understand market demands and drugs that are getting pulled from shelves in higher numbers, such as essential medicines due to COVID19. Targeting doctors and pharmacies to push products in high demand during a given period is a surefire way to rake in profits.

Manage Relationships with Doctors and Pharmacists

Since physicians are the ones approached to prescribe drugs that the pharmaceutical manufacturers are pushing through sales reps, it is essential to take their feedback into account. Pharmacists can also give much needed insights into which drugs are performing well. Maintaining sound relationships with these parties will help produce and deliver products that will be effective in treating patients and will lead to more purchases.

Share Strategic Insights

Doctors need to be educated on the functions of the drugs being provided to them, alongside any side effects and precautions before administering. The info should be passed on to pharmaceutical drug representatives. However, due to the vast library of drugs available, it can be difficult for reps to remember all the vital details. SalesQ allows for real-time strategic insights and info to be shared, so your reps do not miss out on educating doctors and increasing your sales.

Manage Inventories

Tracking sales metrics like inventory turnover can help determine which drugs to produce to improve market supply and to prevent wastage. Drugs must be stored below room temperature and over-production of drugs that are low in demand can cause losses for the pharmaceutical manufacturers. Hence it is extremely important to forecast sales and produce the right drugs.

To Conclude

Managing a pharmaceutical sales force can yield great profits, especially in this chaotic time as the pandemic rages. Managing a field-based sales force of pharmaceutical drug reps can help make sure that much needed drugs reach patients and doctors in time and that your business keeps producing these essentials. SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help manage pharmaceutical sales agents. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!