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Manage Sales Visits and Timeframes Using Mobile Apps for Increased Revenue

Field sales reps need tracking to understand efficiency and how effective they are in making conversions. To assist with this, a mobile app can be installed on their phones to generate increased revenue. Visit details, target achievement, and the time required to achieve targets can be monitored to ensure reps perform at their best.

Mobile monitoring of sales reps can also free up their time and increase mobility. A field sales monitoring app like CloudApper SalesQ can help track sales visits and time utilization to give you a better picture of the sales efforts.

Why Sales Rep Visit and Time Utilization Monitoring is Important

Details on sales visits and how sales reps are utilizing their time is important and should be managed due to the following reasons:

Extract 100% from your Field Sales Team
- Double Your Revenue

Real-Time Sales Activity Monitoring

Mobile App Facilitates Working on the Go

Increase Productivity With Efficient Task Management

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Knowing the details of target achievement status and having logs of what is happening in each visit can help management paint a picture of how sales reps are progressing. This can help them make adjustments where necessary and assign reps who perform well to handle high-priority accounts to increase sales.

Remote Management

Almost all teams are remote these days, and sales teams have historically been remote. Managing reps through their phones give you a pair of eyes in the field by letting them report on the go. This also helps increase their mobility, as reporting does not have to be done from an office.

CloudApper SalesQ for Monitoring Sales Reps

SalesQ allows you to authenticate visits and view real-time reporting for better sales management.

Track Targets

Increased sales are generated through a healthy amount of target completions. SalesQ allows you to track the visits of sales reps and display data on the number of visits completed, visit details, and ensures visits are authentic through geo-fencing. Geo-fencing allows your reps to only check-in from assigned locations, increasing authenticity.

Analyze Data

SalesQ presents data in interactive dashboards which show types of customers, top customers, and total revenue generation efforts. This can help you plan and target better to generate more revenue and guide sales reps properly. The data dashboards can be customized to suit your preferences.

Benefits of Using a Mobile App for Monitoring Sales Visits

Sales operations can be smoothly conducted and enhanced through the use of a mobile app:

More Profits

The profits generated through sales efforts can be increased by regulating the visit details of reps. If targets are not being achieved, reps are using up time which should be tracked and utilized properly. SalesQ automates repetitive tasks like manual reporting so reps can spend more time prospecting.

Increased Mobility

Sales reps can perform better if their tasks and reporting are automated through a mobile app. This eliminates the hassle of manual pen and paper reporting, and employees can report from the field instead of visiting the office, which saves time.

Mobile apps can help manage your sales team remotely for better performance and monitoring. The locations of sales rep check-ins, visit details, and time utilization can be tracked to measure and tweak sales efforts. A field sales monitoring app like CloudApper SalesQ can help in remote monitoring of reps. Sign up now for a 14-day free trial.

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