What is a Sales Report?

A sales report helps to evaluate and measure sales performance by enlightening managers about what works and what doesn’t in their sales strategies. It gives a thorough insight into the performance of sales personnel about their sales leads and connections in their geographical locations. All information gathered from such evaluation are collated through the phones of sales reps and used to develop a thorough report on sales performance.

Having the proper tool can make the activities less laborious and time-consuming. You can easily gather data from the field sales and convert them into robust reports that can be used to determine a working method for managing sales teams. CloudApper SalesQ is a functional monitoring app for field sales that can be applied to generate reports on sales performance. Below are some reports that can be used to determine sales team efficiency:

Pipeline Reports

A pipeline report comprises a summary list of clients and prospective customers. Each one plays a significant role in determining the productivity of the business and thus, categorization may be done to determine which pipeline has the greatest chance at conversion. You can assign your best sales reps to handle your top clients. SalesQ can host a list of customers that are relevant to the development of a pipeline sales report.

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Conversion Rate Reports

It is the collation of data showing the success recorded in converting prospects into leads. It is a unique sales report that provides details of how many potential clients procure your products. It is the perfect method for determining the key performance index of the sales rep as well as a measure of sales performance.

Sales Call Reports

Sales call report indicates the number of calls and also the number of visits to the field made by your sales reps. It is considered very vital to measuring sales performance. It provides a clue to the sales team efforts and shows where adjustments have to be made. SalesQ helps you to evaluate the number of interactions between your sales reps and prospects for better accountability.

Lost & Won Analysis Report

This compares the success and failure rate of deals in the pipeline by evaluating the ratio of those that failed to convert and are lost to direct or indirect competitors. It is insightful in helping to determine the quality of leads formed by sales reps, as well as their proficiency in conversion. The sales report can be maximized to enhance business profitability by the development of strategies for increasing the conversion rates of sales reps.

Revenue Report

Revenue reports is very important to businesses. It summates the total individual performances of each sales rep to showcase the total revenue accumulated. SalesQ generates revenue reports that can help to see how many units of inventory have been sold over a period. This data can be evaluated periodically and a report can be provided for assessment for developing adequate business profitability

SalesQ is a good choice for you as a sales leader. You must have access to in-depth reports on your customers as well as your field sales agents, and the performance of your product is performing. You can access the interactive dashboards on SalesQ to evaluate robust reports that can help you better manage revenues. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!