The measurement of sales success requires KPI tracking in order to ensure that information from sales representatives on the field can be obtained and examined subsequently. This can assist managers to examine in detail what works and what does not work and adapt it to the process of sales. 

Sales measurement or KPI sales tracking may help to predict future sales trends, evaluate team performance and develop plans when business transactions fail. CloudApper SalesQ field sales monitoring app can help measure the sales KPI and manage sales teams to improve performance and responsibility. Some of the important metrics that must be monitored are:

Total Revenue Generated

To guarantee that company targets are fulfilled as closely as possible, total revenue earned should be carefully tracked. SalesQ tracks both the total income earned and separate sales representatives as well as the KPI, which is vital to corporate achievement. This also records inventory units sold to keep track of sales.

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Top Customers By Revenue

It might be useful for businesses to segment top paying clients or ‘whales,’ as some prefer to call them. This sales KPI can support and help foster optimal profitability for the largest customers. The treatment of high-paid consumers is a safe approach to benefit if they are held back as customers which will benefit the company in the long term.

Revenue Generated Per Territory

This sale KPI supports the most profitable segment and location for sales. In particular, retail and FMCG companies can benefit from this by targeted highly successful sales locations. Highly lucrative areas can have additional resources for managing sales operations and profitability.

Opportunities Closed

Closing agreements target achievement is a crucial KPI sales and should be properly tracked to measure sales rep. This can help modify any deficiencies in the performance of the sales team. SalesQ tracks per representative’s target performance to give a clear picture of individual sales.

Number of Customer Interactions

In order to effectively document customer contacts as a measure of commitment and to later assess the customer number and their requests, their feedback should be recorded. This can improve the affinity of the customer with the brand and collect user feedback on what has to be adapted to sell better.

It might be tough to guide a sales team as your company wishes, and it is impossible without tracking sales KPIs. A proper follow-up of the sales measurements will help you keep your sales representatives on track and rectify irregularities to achieve your company goals. SalesQ monitors essential sales KPIs to show the performance of the sales team. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!