Knowing how to speed up sales cycle is essential for managers, as it helps them to make more revenue. Shortening the sales cycle helps convert customers faster and frees up more time for sales reps. This is done by automating tasks so that reps spend less time on the sales funnel.

Taking customers through a conversion funnel can become lengthy if each step is not done correctly. From qualifying leads to close deals, numerous steps can be sped up through automation. A field sales monitoring app like CloudApper SalesQ can help in speeding up the sales cycle by managing sales reps and automating tasks.

How to Speed Up the Sales Cycle

The sales cycle can be shortened by using a field sales monitoring app in the following ways:

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Real-Time Sales Activity Monitoring

Mobile App Facilitates Working on the Go

Increase Productivity With Efficient Task Management

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Pipeline Management

SalesQ allows you to manage the prospects in your pipeline by labeling them as leads, converted, or lost. This helps to focus on prospects who might be interested and concentrating efforts to ensure fast conversion. This in turn helps to reduce the time invested in prospecting by filtering the pipeline for a concentrated selling effort.

Sales Automation

Mobile apps can help automate the sales management process by automating reporting and tracking. Sales reps can report through their phones, which eliminates pen and paper processes. Sales teams can also be tracked through geo-fencing to authenticate check-ins, as these apps let reps check-in from assigned locations only.

Detailed Product Catalog

SalesQ allows you to scan barcodes to form digital catalogs that contain the latest product information. The answer to how to speed up the sales cycle often lies in having trained reps who supply the right information. Timely information can help your leads make quicker buying decisions, speeding up the sales cycle.

Track Targets

Revenue targets for individual sales reps and for the whole team should be tracked to ensure reps are aligned in terms of achieving company objectives. Units of inventory sold should also be measured to ensure products are moving out adequately, shortening the sales cycle.

Analyze Data

Data collected through SalesQ from the phones of sales reps are presented as interactive graphs and charts that show order completion status, top customers, percentage of customers by type, and total target achievement. This can help managers make predictions and adjustments for a better selling effort.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to speed up the sales cycle is essential to increasing the efficiency of reps and generating greater profits. A field sales monitoring app like CloudApper SalesQ can help in monitoring reps and increasing their mobility for better performance. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!