A field sales management software can help you manage your sales teams properly for increased revenue. Providing adequate incentives and opportunities for recreation are not guaranteed to improve the performance of your sales teams. Proper management and training where necessary can help nurture a sales team that delivers superb results.

Successful managers implement sales processes and monitor them to make sure training is provided as necessary to generate better results. Technology these days allows us to manage reps through their phones for better results. A field sales force tracking app like CloudApper SalesQ can help in proper sales management to generate more ROI.

How Can a Field Sales Management Software Help Increase Sales?

Field sales software can help manage reps and increase sales in the following ways:

Extract 100% from your Field Sales Team
- Double Your Revenue

Real-Time Sales Activity Monitoring

Mobile App Facilitates Working on the Go

Increase Productivity With Efficient Task Management

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Helping Reps Report

Sales reps should be given the opportunity to work remotely and seamlessly report from the field. SalesQ automates the way sales reps report by allowing them to dynamically report. This reduces administrative tasks and the hassle of reporting back to the office. Reps can spend more time converting customers and increasing revenue generation.

Providing Training and Direction

A field sales management software can help your reps sell properly by allowing you to communicate strategies. Training videos and marketing collateral can also be used so reps can fix mistakes and present better. A digital product catalog can also help them get rid of paper brochures and be more efficient.


Tracking Targets

Hitting targets is the litmus test for sales team performance, which can be in terms of visits made, calls, or follow-ups. SalesQ tracks these essential sales numbers and much more to ensure you have a good view of your sales team’s performance. Check-in verification through Geo-fencing is also available to authenticate visits, directly increasing your revenue, as reps have no option but to complete visits.

Sell to Top Customers

A field sales management app can help you track top customers or key accounts by analyzing the frequency of orders and the size of orders. You can then assign top reps to take care of these accounts that are essential for your business. This can help you increase sales and hit your monthly quotas for better revenue generation.

Measure Overall Revenue Generation

SalesQ allows you to measure the total of orders completed and units shipped. This can help you track what the efforts of the sales team are achieving and if it is satisfactory. Reps might deliver a lot of orders, but if your customers are only purchasing your cheap offerings, you won’t hit your mark. SalesQ helps you make sure that your reps are achieving desirable results.

Over to You

A sales management app can help your reps go a long way by automating their tasks. The mobility, accountability, and productivity of reps can be increased manifold by having a sales monitoring app installed on their phones. CloudApper SalesQ is a field sales monitoring app that can help you increase your revenue generation efforts. Contact us today!