Smartphones have made sales force management easier by greater accessibility features and the capability to enter data from anywhere and at any time. Your sales force can be managed through their cellphones by assigning tasks and targets, as well as by looking at the data they enter from the field.

A field sales monitoring app that can be accessed by sales reps from their phones can be used to monitor their progress and collect customer data for better sales insight. SalesQ by CloudApper can help with the sales management process seamlessly through mobile phones.

Sales Force Management through Smartphones

Every one of your sales reps has mobile phones. It is easier for them to enter field data into a sales management app than deal with cumbersome CRMs mostly accessed through PCs. Real-time data entry also makes it faster and more efficient to manage a sales team and boost productivity.

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Why Manage Your Sales Force through Smartphones?

These days, smartphones do everything. Let’s take a look at how they can help with sales force management:

Instant Connectivity

Mobile phones are always connected to the web. These devices are also hand-held and make it easier for your sales force to provide inputs and access databases. Important sales-based information can also be communicated to them instantly and on the go when required.

Faster Customer Feedback Management

Sales reps can log customer feedback from the field, which can be instantly viewed by sales managers to increase production or alter the product itself to better meet market demands. SalesQ has a function to record customer feedback which gives a clearer window into buyer opinion and increased profitability by adhering to their demands.

Sales Team Monitoring

The performance of sales reps can be enhanced by smartphone Geo-fencing capabilities that update their location, time tracking capabilities, task assignments, and order completion tracking. These aspects can be accessed by the sales reps themselves, driving them to complete their work efficiently, and hence reducing the workload of managers.

Benefits of Sales Force Management through Smartphones:

The benefits of managing sales teams through smartphones can be ample:

Increased Productivity

Sales reps can be assigned targets through a field sales monitoring app, and the completion rate can be assessed to measure performance. The time taken for delivery and the number of orders completed can be used as metrics to determine productivity and make adjustments.

Better Pipeline Management

Customer feedback can be taken into account to make changes to products and acquire more prospects. Also, real-time accessibility of customer profiles can help the sales team with proper customer management with the use of a field sales monitoring app like SalesQ.

Detecting Trends

Data about various metrics like order completion, products by customer, product movement per period, customer acceptance and the like can be fed into a field sales monitoring app like salesQ to identify latent trends in the form of interactive dashboards. This can help management streamline the sales process for better profitability. 

Mobile phones are transforming work as we know it to the extent that the office is not confined to a physical space anymore. You can take advantage of mobile technology to manage your sales teams from anywhere by using SalesQ, a field sales monitoring app by CloudApper. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!