EHS software is a type of data management software designed to assist you in managing workplace incidents, maintaining regulatory compliance, and tracking incidents. This software performs a wide range of services that assist businesses in saving time, reducing risk, and preventing unwelcome situations. It is a cost-effective method of connecting thousands of people across the organization. EHS software allows the entire organization to have a centralized system for all of its records and activities.

Here are four statistics that will convince you and your company that EHS software is essential.

1. “In 2017, sanctioned fines have increased up to 74% in HSE.” (Source: SHP Online)

The increase in fines is due to the strict penalties for incidents and violations of corporate health and safety. Because of this increase in fines, EHS software is more necessary than ever. It assists businesses to maintain compliance by properly tracking incidents, audits, risks, and actions.

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2. “Nearly 90% of spreadsheets contain significant errors” (Source: University of Hawaii)

Spreadsheets used to manage EHS data can quickly become obsolete. Even with document management standards in place, spreadsheets can get out of date or overwritten. An inaccuracy could result in regulatory fines and penalties. EHS software allows a company to reduce the possibility of errors by storing accurate data in a secure location. The software can assist managers in identifying more leading safety indicators than other ways of reporting, thereby reducing work-related injuries and illnesses. These leading indicators can be utilized to improve working conditions, and save organizations time and money in the long run.

3. 4.7 million estimated working days are lost due to nonfatal workplace injuries (Labor Force Survey in 2018/19) (Source:

Using leading and lagging indicators to identify potential incidents, EHS software could help to improve worker safety. Employees will feel safer at work if there are fewer accidents, which will improve satisfaction and productivity. This will have a favorable impact on the company’s overall efficiency and production.

4. Businesses are spending an average of 120 working hours a year on administrative tasks (Source: NewSage)

Many time-consuming safety activities, such as audit preparation and report creation, can be made easier with EHS software. Administrative expenditures can be reduced by reducing administrative responsibilities. Employee morale may also be boosted by implementing EHS software. After implementation of EHS software, administrative chores, which might become monotonous and uninteresting, take up less of an employee’s time. This increase in morale will benefit employees’ mental health as well as the company’s productivity.

These four statistics demonstrate how EHS software may benefit a company in a variety of ways. Implementing this software in your organization can help it keep up with the digital changes by enhancing employee wellbeing, productivity, and profit. The software can assist a company to enhance its performance while lowering the risk of sanctions and administrative costs.

The correct tools and resources provided by CloudApper Safety will assist all businesses from small firms to major corporations. EHS software like CloudApper Safety can help firms manage their employees’ health and safety risks while also increasing productivity.