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Aluminum Firm implements a modern EHS Management Software

AB Aluminum Holdings implements a modern EHS Management Software

One of the largest integrated manufacturers of aluminum in South-East Asia is the Malaysian aluminum firm AB Aluminum Holdings (pseudonym). With modern facilities and technical know-how, AB Aluminum is a leading producer of a wide range of aluminum extrusions in a variety of finishes, from upstream smelting activities to downstream extruding operations. AB Aluminum is a fully integrated producer of quality aluminum products like ingots and billets. More than 4000 people are currently working in their facilities, and they have a capacity for 7,60,000 metric ton of smelting, 1,60,000 metric ton of extrusion, and 10 plants spread across the UK, Australia, China, and Malaysia.

The environment in AB Aluminum is getting worse

The international activities of AB Aluminum have established a strong position in the market for the manufacture of aluminum; backed by more than 25 years of experience and knowledge in this field, they have modern extrusion plants and aluminum smelters.

Hazards and complexities abound in the aluminum industry, particularly in the production, smelting, and extrusion areas. Such high-risk operations nonetheless require the active participation of the workforce, who must deal with a number of physical and chemical hazards and difficult situations every day. Mishandling molten metal increases the risk of accidental spills, and any contact with water can make an already dangerous situation even worse, increasing the risk of steam explosions.

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To effectively manage these difficulties is not only a matter of avoiding losses or complying with rules, especially in an environment that is becoming progressively more complex and intricate as time goes on. These demand for material and process compatibility analyses, or a proactive vigilance on physical production systems and a developed control mechanism that promotes safety and gives a specialized support framework to the workforce and EHS specialists.

In order to address these EHS risks, AB Aluminum sought a proactive, forward-thinking, system-level solution. They realized that trying to address their present working difficulties by relying just on conventional tools like pen and paper can fall short. Safety personnel are unable to develop an uncompromised and highly responsive safety program because of a fragmented, siloed reporting procedure. Additionally, it takes up a tremendous amount of time and money and, more importantly, makes it impossible to effectively reduce the number of lost hours and days.

Making wiser decisions in difficult situations

To improve the process of collecting and synthesizing safety data across their organization, one of their Malaysian consultants reached out to CloudApper Safety for implementing the EHS management software.

A small device was already set up in AB Aluminum before the initial interaction with CloudApper Safety. In search of a comprehensive safety solution, they discovered CloudApper Safety’s EHS management software, which enabled them to improve the EHS capabilities in their business.

They primarily discussed the EHS management software and an automated method to handle incidents with CloudApper Safety professionals during their first project kick-off meeting. Pen and paper procedures were effective, but they admitted the difficulties of file storage and transparency in the event of audits and inspections.

After that initial meeting, there were more than two or three online talks in which CloudApper Safety software professionals tried to understand the exact requirements of AB Aluminum, so that no crucial information was missed. Uncertainty affects processes, actions, and decisions, so it’s important for almost every business action to know how to find and deal with risks. Even the employees in charge at AB Aluminum were eager to put the solutions into place, since both the existing plant hazards and threats were a source of risk. It was important to look at them critically in terms of operations and project planning.

The simple EHS management software for complex issues

AB Aluminum were able to further improve their industrial safety practices by using customized EHS software to record and save important data regarding incidents and site inspections. CloudApper Safety’s philosophy includes software revisions and adaptability since it enables companies to select the modules that are most helpful for their EHS operations. AB Aluminum is now able to –

  • Utilize dashboards to track, monitor, and record incident data
  • Ensure the confidentiality and visibility of role-based data
  • Receive real-time notifications and incident alerts

Our modern EHS management software helps businesses like AB Aluminum Holdings stay on the right side of safety. With a strong and straightforward interface, CloudApper Safety makes it simple to monitor every aspect of your safety program. Get in touch with us right now to see how we can make your organization safe.

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