Technology plays an important part in our personal and professional life. As we approach 2022, more and more businesses are embracing technology. In fact, the pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital solutions by 3 to 4 years by businesses of all sizes across a wide range of industries. But what about businesses in high-risk areas, such as construction or energy? Is it possible for EHS workers to benefit from becoming digital? The answer is a resounding yes!

This article will explain how digitization can be used to improve safety performance and make workplaces safer.

1. EHS maximizes ROI

  • The average gross margin over the last three years has increased by 18%
  • The average operating margin has increased by 8%
  • Companies in the top quartile have a 4 percent higher average profit margin than those in the bottom quartile

Going digital can help EHS professionals and teams save time and increase efficiency by speeding up processes and activities. Rather than filling out the appropriate paperwork and manually entering all of the data, which may be time-consuming and prone to human error, it can be finished in a matter of seconds and emailed to all essential stakeholders. More tasks can be accomplished faster and in less time with such an increase in productivity.

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Information silos can be broken down and flaws in your safety program can be identified more quickly when everything is in one centralized area and available to all key players. As EHS leaders can better detect shortcomings and dangers, fewer incidents and injuries will occur on-site, and hazards will be rapidly reduced, resulting in a better safety record. Companies can improve their return on investment while keeping employees safe by lowering insurance premiums, workers’ compensation claims, and increasing productivity.

2. Improve Communication

As previously mentioned, embracing technology and digitization can help streamline communication and break down silos. Instead of leaving their most recent danger assessment or inspection form on a supervisor’s desk, which is likely to be cluttered with other files, employees can just send it to their inbox. Because everything is centralized in one solution, every important player can readily access this information, whether they are in the office or on the field.

Furthermore, digital solutions increase accountability by sending notifications and alerts to all key players, requiring them to fulfill a task or take corrective action. These notifications can be put up as needed or on a regular basis, depending on the needs of the workforce. This will help to instill a sense of accountability and ease the process of promptly minimizing hazards on the job site.

3. Full 360-degree Visibility

Your safety program will benefit from having 360-degree visibility if you implement a digital safety solution at your company. When relying on a paper-based system, one of the worst places an EHS professional can be in is not knowing what the top risks and hazards on the job site are, as well as crucial safety data. This makes evaluating the performance of your safety program difficult and may even result in the loss of life.

Instead of spending hours digging through files and boxes of data to try un-covering any outstanding gaps, EHS professionals will be able to easily spot shortcomings and weaknesses with everything in a digital solution. This visibility can make it much easier to connect disparate data sets and identify safety trends and patterns within your company. Once these flaws have been identified, a plan of action based on safety data can be devised and prioritized, and the key EHS personnel may be notified of the essential procedures to assist in building a safer workplace.

By embracing technology and going digital, you can shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to safety. CloudApper Safety gives EHS professionals powerful tools to stay on top of all risks and hazards on-site, ensuring the safety of your employees. To learn more about how we can help you improve safety performance and protect your people, contact one of our safety experts now.