For any organization, whether it’s new, old, or a startup, chances are that it depends on using equipment and machinery for several reasons. Most businesses use computers, printers, and other pieces of equipment to run their operations smoothly and efficiently. Larger organizations, on the other hand, have a plethora of equipment as well as systems such as alarms, sprinklers, HVAC, etc. Asset-intensive organizations also have heavy equipment and machinery they require to create finished goods. The bottom line is virtually every organization uses some form of equipment – most of which require proper maintenance for several reasons. While many organizations have made the jump to robust and modern maintenance management software, others are still using age-old systems like reactive maintenance, traditional CMMS, spreadsheets, binders, and paper-based systems. 

With that out of the way, let’s look at the problems these organizations face that demonstrate the need for a modern maintenance management software solution.

4 signs that highlight the need to switch to a modern maintenance management software

There’s no way to implement preventive maintenance 

In 2021, not using preventive maintenance is ridiculous! While there’s actually no preventive maintenance program per se (it’s just an approach of maintenance management), implementing it requires a robust and modern CMMS software solution. An organization using obsolete means for equipment maintenance cannot implement preventive maintenance practices as the latter requires scheduling tasks, monitoring activities, and more. 

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Using a preventive maintenance software like CloudApper CMMS helps create, schedule, assign and monitor tasks effectively. It helps set routine tasks that technicians can carry out on assigned days or whenever the pieces of equipment require maintenance. Doing so ensures that the machinery receives frequent maintenance – improving asset longevity, minimizing malfunctions, and reducing unplanned equipment downtime in the process.

Your equipment malfunctions frequently 

This is one of the most prominent signs that you really need to upgrade to a modern maintenance management system

Organizations that are using obsolete means for maintenance management typically use reactive maintenance. This means that most of the maintenance tasks occur AFTER the machine malfunctions – this is detrimental and counterintuitive. A machine usually breaks down when it is pushed to its limits, isn’t receiving proper maintenance, or is overheating – all of which impacts its longevity and performance.

For instance, turbines, fans, blowers, and industrial centrifuges require lubrication for optimal performance. All of them will last longer if they receive lubrication right when they need it rather than when they stop working entirely which will cause more wear and tear. This is just a simple example but ensuring regular maintenance of equipment drastically reduces unplanned downtime which can be done using modern solutions like CloudApper CMMS. 

You’re having a hard time finding and managing work history

Keeping all the information organized is a huge advantage, but it’s impossible to do so using ancient maintenance management means such as spreadsheets, binders, etc. 

Yes, you can search for the latest update of equipment X in a spreadsheet, but it’s quite difficult to find and view its entire work history in a single location. On the other hand, quickly finding and managing work history is impossible to do with binders or paper-based systems. 

A modern maintenance management software like CloudApper CMMS digitizes, organizes, and keeps all the information regarding work histories, equipment, and more, in a single location. All of the authorized users can easily access the required information even from their smartphones.

Maintenance managers and technicians don’t even need to search with keywords – CloudApper CMMS can scan barcodes, and as long as you’re assigning barcodes to your equipment, you can simply scan them and retrieve the work history, along with other necessary information. 

Repairs are delayed due to mismanagement of spare parts and inventory 

Using obsolete maintenance management techniques have several pain points, but one of the more frustrating ones is waiting for spare parts to arrive so that work orders can be completed. 

Imagine this – one of your conveyor belts needs new pulleys, but since spare parts and inventory management is recorded manually, you’ll need to place an order that won’t arrive for a week. You either risk using the conveyor belt and damaging it permanently, along with causing some workplace injuries or your production level takes a hit due to the repair being delayed. 

CloudApper CMMS includes inventory management that helps you keep track of all the spare parts and required materials. You can simply view which spare parts you need to replenish and order them beforehand, ensuring that you have the required materials available at all times. 

Use a modern maintenance management software that’s customizable AND affordable

CloudApper CMMS is a modern, robust, and affordable preventive maintenance software. Built using CloudApper, a no-code enterprise mobile apps platform, the CMMS solution is entirely customizable to meet all your requirements. 

It comes with a robust set of features that streamline maintenance management, reduce machine downtime, and simplify asset repairs. With its powerful analytics dashboard, CloudApper CMMS enables management and maintenance managers to monitor progress regarding ongoing work orders, pending work requests, offline assets, and more. 

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