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Ryan Stephens | Posted on July 13, 2021 / in Maintenance Management / 2480 views

5 Simple Ways to Reduce Maintenance Costs with CMMS


In today’s highly competitive and fast-paced industrial world, it’s hardly surprising that companies are looking for ways to reduce maintenance costs in order to gain a competitive advantage. Oftentimes, maintenance costs take up a large portion of the company’s profit and can prevent companies from succeeding. Understandably, many companies put a lot of effort toward reducing maintenance costs as they represent an important part of the total operating costs.

With all that being said, progressive business owners realize that shrinking budgets is not the answer to reducing maintenance costs but understand that investing in solutions that allow them to streamline and manage maintenance activities in a smart way is. The answer lies in technology, such as computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS).

Here are the top five benefits provided by CloudApper CMMS that will in turn allow you to reduce maintenance costs.

Sedgwick County Deployed a Customized Version of CloudApper CMMS for  Automatically Creating Maintenance Work Orders

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Sedgwick County Deployed a Customized Version of CloudApper CMMS for Automatically Creating Maintenance Work Orders

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  • Minimize breakdowns

Equipment breakdowns are inevitable. Even with routine maintenance, equipment breakdowns may occur anytime for reasons that you cannot predict. That’s just the nature of machines. However, it is possible to reduce the likelihood of breakdowns with proper preventative maintenance. You never know, maybe the equipment will never actually break down and instead operate longer than it was expected to. With a good maintenance strategy facilitated by CMMS, you will be able to schedule, track, and review all maintenance and technical operations with ease.

  • Manage inventory efficiently

One of the main reasons for high average repair and downtime is the lack of appropriate spare parts in stock. Without proper visibility of critical spare parts, inventory management becomes difficult which leads to rising inventory costs. For example, if you already have the parts needed but you order more of them, that was an unnecessary expense. Likewise, if you know that you do not have enough parts available, you can order them again before necessary to ensure that inventory never hits a low. CMMS will allow you to track and manage inventory more efficiently.

  • Train your workers

Ensure that you do not only train just the frontline operators but also anyone found in the team or on the factory floor. You might think training everyone will require more resources, leading to increased expenses, but think of it as an investment in your company’s future. If all the workers know how to detect problems, malfunctions can be avoided and as a result, you will be able to reduce downtime and avoid costly time-consuming repairs.

  • Invest in the right technology

As mentioned previously, proper use of CMMS can save companies hours of downtime, plenty of hard work, and of course, a good amount of money. Technology is an asset in today’s highly data-driven world and should be utilized properly. CloudApper CMMS being cloud-based means users can access and manage data as well as schedule work orders from anywhere at any time, even with a smartphone. This allows maintenance teams to have more mobility, flexibility, and visibility of the overall maintenance status.

  • Buy/extend insurance or warranty periods

When buying new items, ask for extended warranties or insurance. Also, try to extend warranties or insurance for items you already have. This will not only reduce maintenance costs but also lower repair costs. Study and analyze the potential threats each piece of equipment may pose and determine the ones that need to be insured when buying coverage.

Simplify and automate maintenance workload with CloudApper CMMS software.

CMMS will enable you to reduce workload and stress from manual entries whilst ensuring that all maintenance activities and documentation are digitized in a centralized platform. CloudApper CMMS are highly customizable, meaning you can add or edit features according to your business’s unique needs.

Automate your preventative maintenance, work orders, and other business procedures with CloudApper CMMS now.

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