With the aim to reduce unnecessary spendings and limit maintenance costs, it is a vital step to consider the implementation of a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) software for any small business. 

Small businesses are especially vigilant about stretching their revenue to cover operational costs, as well as the cost of goods and financing. Other factors include time and stress management, proper people management, and so on. As a small business owner, you can relate to all these points. 

Running a business involves constant revaluation of where to focus investments. Spending on current operations vs. financing for increased future performance is an everlasting balancing act. 

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While large businesses have the budget and ability to absorb the shock, smaller businesses do not usually have that luxury.

Maintenance management is one domain where this balancing act plays an important role. The owners of every business are aware that planned and preventative maintenance saves money and improves assets lifespan in the long run. But when time is scarce, and there’s a budget constraint, maintenance is the first domain to suffer. 

CMMS Software as a Solution to Maintenance Management for Small Businesses

Until recently, all businesses regardless of their size relied on “pen and paper” or spreadsheet approaches to maintenance management. Although useful in the past, most business owners are finding that these approaches have fallen short of meeting their maintenance objectives, especially when it comes to the added costs associated with time, resources, and staff allocations. To function better, smarter, and faster, business owners are inspired to find better operational efficiencies by reducing costs, saving time and resources, ultimately, achieving a better return on investment (ROI). With these limitations and objectives in mind, business owners are increasingly adopting Computerized Maintenance Management Systems as their maintenance management solution.

That said, we understand that for any small business, the implementation of CMMS software may sound like a large investment. The good news is that it is actually a very cost-effective solution. To truly understand the benefits of CMMS software for any small business, let’s take a look at the reasons why small businesses may choose spreadsheets over software. To begin, let’s break down how CMMS software addresses the following common concerns.

Spreadsheets or Software?

High-Upfront Cost

While the initial cost for most CMMS software and supporting equipment can be daunting for any small business, CloudApper’s CMMS only costs $10/month/user. This is why we recommend that small businesses use our software. 

CloudApper’s cloud and monthly subscription-based approach offer a much more affordable solution than on-premise maintenance management software. 

Setup and Adoption Time

Migrating to a new system, or between systems, usually takes more time than forecasted. Even for small businesses, aligning every aspect of operations requires co-ordination. If the company is understaffed or the business is stretched, there could be many things that could go wrong. Setup time also increases with complexity.

However, CloudApper CMMS software does not require too much time or a complex process to implement. You can start using the software right away. All you need to do is log into the platform and start using the software.


Staff training is also an expense. When setting up a CMMS, businesses must also train their staff on how to use the software. This can be a burden for smaller businesses. Not only is there only a handful of staff, but each hour spent on training is also an hour that the staff is unavailable for their regular tasks. 

On the other hand, CloudApper CMMS requires minimal if any training to use. Also, the solution is designed to be used by anyone, even if they have never heard of CMMS.

Risk of Failure

If the implementation is a success, only then will a business be able to realize the benefits. Studies have shown that around 40% of maintenance management system installations fail. That is a huge gamble for small businesses. Small businesses do not have the luxury to absorb this shock. This is why they feel that an inefficient, but functional system is considered a safe bet. 

However, a cloud-based system does not have this risk. At most, you may need to upgrade your desktop windows software. 

Benefits of CMMS Software for Small Business

Let’s take a look at the benefits your business will be able to realize with only $10/month.


Consolidation of all Maintenance Management Data

Planned, preventative, reactive, or any kind of maintenance, for that matter, are multi-dimensional. A simple 2D spreadsheet won’t be able to display all the information. On the other hand, with CMMS software you will be able to consolidate all the maintenance management information in one place. 

Automated Notification System

Even the most modern spreadsheet software cannot send a work request notification to a technician. A key benefit of CMMS software for any small business is that it can streamline workflows. Maintenance tasks can be easily scheduled and the individuals will receive notifications when they get assigned to a task. 

Remote Access and Portability

The benefit of cloud-based systems, such as CloudApper’s CMMS is that it enables mobile device access which makes it possible for technicians to place work orders, check the inventory of parts, or generate reports, and so on. Being able to access a CMMS dashboard with mobile devices from anywhere with just a connection to the internet is an enormous time-saver.

Image Capturing Capabilities

Mobile device accessibility means that maintenance technicians can also use their smartphones to capture images via bar code scanning and photos. These integrated CMMS features can identify equipment in need of repair accurately and track parts that are in need of replacement or reorder based on scanned images of barcodes’. Captured images of a piece of equipment that needs maintenance also make it easier to identify the equipment and where the equipment is located. 

Wrapping Up

Small businesses are a vital part of an economy. Even so, these businesses face the challenge to find the most cost-effective and efficient maintenance management system

CloudApper understands the importance of maintenance management, even for small businesses. With CloudApper, you can establish a robust maintenance management operation system at an affordable rate.