Power grids, factories, manufacturing plants, communication towers, equipment, machines, and service vehicles are all critical parts of the infrastructure. Many businesses, homes, and communities rely on their constant operation and any malfunction can result in a significant loss of revenue, time, and resources. With CMMS, it becomes easier to maintain these installations. CMMS allows businesses to keep track of their assets and their conditions, automate work orders for repairs, simplify equipment maintenance record keeping, and facilitate preventative maintenance scheduling to reduce downtime.

What’s more, CloudApper CMMS will allow you to do so from a mobile device. That means users can access critical information and manage maintenance requests on the go, ultimately simplifying the entire maintenance management process.

CMMS That Simplify Maintenance Documentation

Veteran maintenance managers know the importance of accurate reporting and seamless documentation to bring more transparency to end-users. It was difficult to do that on spreadsheets or legacy systems.

CloudApper CMMS
CloudApper CMMS
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CloudApper CMMS simplifies preventative maintenance scheduling and all maintenance and equipment record keeping. One of the biggest advantages of implementing CMMS is that you can document all activities related to maintenance in one centralized place in an organized way. This makes it easier for maintenance teams to access the information and reduces time lost by searching through tons of papers that could either be misplaced or stolen.

Maintenance data grows over time, and CloudApper CMMS will offer you a wealth of information at your fingertips.

Here are some of the things you can document using CloudApper CMMS:

  • Inspection history and schedules
  • Asset types, location, service history, and warranty information
  • Vendor information
  • Meter reading units
  • Additional costs
  • Labor time reasons
  • Downtime information

Easy to Share Statistics with Upper Management

By keeping all the records relating to equipment maintenance in one place it is easier for upper management to understand the state of the maintenance program as well as identify areas for improvement with one glance. Critical information that upper management may want to look at includes pending work orders, machine downtime, preventative maintenance, and more.

Easy to Generate Equipment Breakdown Reports

CloudApper CMMS allows management to access equipment breakdown reports alongside historical records of equipment issues and statistics, which ultimately helps managers identify the problem piece of equipment and replace it. This drastically reduces downtime and saves the company a lot of resources, time, and money.

Easy to Collect Information

Perhaps you have already understood how CMMS can act as a reporting tool, as outlined previously. CMMS record all the information relevant to a specific machine, from its manufacturer and the most recent inspection to the number of repairs performed. Despite employee turnover or retirement, machine information is stored permanently and remains accessible in the system.

Start Simplifying Equipment Maintenance Record Keeping

CloudApper CMMS can help you save a lot of trouble from unorganized and mismanaged maintenance records. Proper equipment maintenance record-keeping can significantly improve the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of the maintenance process.

CloudApper CMMS provides you with all the features you will need to manage your equipment repair, maintenance, and record-keeping needs.

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