To be frank, maintenance management is easier now than it has ever been. While many maintenance personnel might disagree with the statement, let’s go back to the past, at least three decades ago. Most organizations opted for reactive maintenance and typically used a paper-based or barebones maintenance management system – spreadsheets, binders, and files were the tools for that. Yes, CMMS solutions were available back then. In fact, they’ve been available since 1965. However, in the 60s, CMMS solutions were used only by the most prominent manufacturers, and three decades ago, CMMS solutions were siloed, inflexible, and obsolete by today’s standards. Imagine how the maintenance teams recorded all the information using pens, paper, binders, or spreadsheets! Compared to that, everything is so much easier now, right? 

While it’s true that there are modern maintenance management systems available that make equipment maintenance more accessible than ever, many organizations are still using old-school techniques and approaches like obsolete CMMS software, reactive maintenance, and paper-based systems. Nowadays, complex, expensive, and modern machinery require preventive maintenance, and for that, organizations need to use flexible and contemporary solutions. While that might be a compelling reason in itself, let’s look at 5 reasons why organizations must invest in a robust and modern CMMS app

Top reasons to invest in a modern maintenance management system

Modern maintenance management typically refers to preventative or predictive maintenance, whereas reactive maintenance is an obsolete approach and one that’s reserved for low-maintenance equipment like lights. Now that that’s cleared up, let’s jump right into the benefits of modern CMMS solutions.

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It helps prevent problems from the start

As mentioned above, a modern maintenance management system requires a modern approach. Whether it’s preventive or predictive maintenance, maintenance teams would identify issues that might lead to potential problems such as equipment failure or malfunctions with a modern maintenance solution. For instance, with a modern solution like CloudApper CMMS, organizations can schedule maintenance activities, inspect equipment, use comprehensive checklists, and assign resources to weed out and work on the issues – helping tackle problems right from the start. That’s a drastic change when one compares it to obsolete maintenance systems. 

It improves collaboration and boosts real-time visibility

It’s quite difficult to collaborate, provide feedback, and submit reports with maintenance management systems like spreadsheets, binders, or outdated CMMS software. For instance, the technicians need to return to the department to provide updates and work reports and receive feedback and new work orders. This reduces efficiency as the resources spend considerable time collecting work orders and submitting reports manually. 

With modern maintenance systems like CloudApper CMMS, maintenance managers can schedule, assign, and monitor work orders from their smartphones – it’s a mobile CMMS software solution. On the other hand, maintenance technicians receive the work orders, provide updates, and receive feedback on the go, once again using their smartphones. This improves real-time visibility and shows which maintenance personnel is working on which task – boosting collaboration.

CloudApper CMMS boosts collaboration further as regular employees like machine operators can take pictures and submit work requests for emergency maintenance. The maintenance manager, after inspection, assigns resource(s) to fix the issue, cutting down response times. 

A modern maintenance management system helps maintain and optimize backlogs

Maintenance backlogs can be quite cumbersome and challenging to maintain with paper-based systems. Among thousands of documents, it’s virtually impossible to find out which maintenance tasks to do first. Picking one out randomly won’t work either, as some pieces of equipment are more important than others. Thus, keeping track of backlogs becomes a nightmare. 

Fortunately, with modern CMMS software like CloudApper’s preventive maintenance management system, maintenance teams can maintain and optimize backlogs easily. As all the information is digitized, organized, and kept in a centralized location, the maintenance manager can identify the most crucial tasks, plan maintenance tasks, and assign the maintenance work orders to appropriate resources accordingly, optimizing backlog in the process.


It provides quick access to maintenance information

With a modern CMMS solution, its users can easily retrieve any equipment’s information like the work history, warranty information, specifications, and manuals within seconds. For instance, with CloudApper CMMS, users need to scan the assigned barcode on the equipment – the solution provides the necessary information quickly, reducing response times and improving efficiency. 

However, with older or manual systems, getting the relevant asset information takes up a lot of time, especially if the equipment has an extensive work history or other similar pieces of machinery are present. 

A modern maintenance management system improves workplace safety

In many organizations, accidents and incidents are caused by malfunctioning, overheating, or broken-down assets – most of which are avoidable with preventive maintenance. For instance, with CloudApper CMMS and preventive maintenance, organizations can identify issues before they lead to injuries. Moreover, since the equipment receives regular maintenance, it performs reliably and consistently, reducing the chances of breakdowns or overheating that might cause injuries.

CloudApper CMMS is the modern and affordable solution you need

As can be seen, CloudApper CMMS has all the bells and whistles that can satisfy the maintenance management needs of most organizations without having them go overboard with their budget. CloudApper CMMS is entirely customizable, ensures asset management, spare parts & inventory management, vendor management, technician management, work order management, and much more – all for $10/user/month. Users can customize the solution entirely, making the app truly their own, and it can be used from smartphones and tablets – making maintenance management genuinely mobile. 

Visit CloudApper CMMS now and see how it provides more for less.