A CMMS solution can make or break an organization’s maintenance management efforts. The organization’s assets, maintenance team, business processes, uptime, productivity, bottom line, and other aspects all depend on the maintenance management system it uses. Thus, organizations need to choose a CMMS app that fits their needs, doesn’t break the bank, and helps with preventive maintenance at their facilities.

While we’ve already covered some frequently asked questions regarding a CMMS application, one article doesn’t do the topic justice. That being said, here are four common questions organizations seek answers to before deciding on their next CMMS solution.

4 More FAQs for Choosing a CMMS Solution

Why is this CMMS ideal for our organization?

Organizations need to choose the best maintenance management solution for their assets, and one organization’s needs can vary from another. Some might focus on streamlining work order management, others might want to improve their spare parts and inventory management, whereas the remaining might want to improve technician movements.

CloudApper CMMS
CloudApper CMMS
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Whichever the case may be, CloudApper CMMS can help meet all of these needs, making it an ideal CMMS software solution for most organizations.

CloudApper CMMS has all the features that organizations look for in a maintenance management system – equipment management, vendor management, technician management, work order, request management, and more! It also comes with a powerful yet easy-to-understand analytics dashboard that provides useful insights to make better decisions. All of this, and more, can be done via your smartphone or tablet. 

However, what makes CloudApper CMMS ideal for any organization is that it is highly customizable – the organization can modify the app to fit their needs perfectly on their own. Since the maintenance management system is built using CloudApper, a no-code enterprise app development platform, users can customize it without writing a single line of code. 

Whereas most CMMS apps have limited customization (dashboard, work order management, etc.) and require assistance, CloudApper CMMS provides a high level of customization that the organization can do itself. Any organization can modify CloudApper CMMS to fit their needs – making it the ideal solution. 

Can I implement the CMMS solution myself, or do I need assistance?

A crucial question when choosing a maintenance management system is its implementation – is it easy to use? 

Well, CloudApper CMMS is a powerful, intuitive, yet easy-to-use solution that maintenance managers, directors, and decision-makers can set up themselves with a shallow learning curve. Users are welcomed with a popup that highlights what’s what, so users can start using it right away by adding maintenance, asset, spare parts, and other information.

However, many organizations are digitizing their maintenance efforts and are new to CMMS apps. There are tutorials and demo videos available for such cases. For a personalized experience, they can set up a quick call with our knowledgeable consultants to help them implement the solution effectively and answer any questions.

Which devices support your CMMS solution?

One of the most important questions organizations have about CMMS apps is which devices support them, and it is quite a natural concern. In earlier days, maintenance management systems were limited to only computers – smartphones, laptops, and tablets didn’t exist back in the day. Moreover, they didn’t have the processing power to handle such complex software. 


Fortunately, CloudApper CMMS works on virtually any smartphone, tablet, or computer! Authorized users only require an internet connection and credentials – a browser on a computer or the app on an iOS or Android device. After logging in with their credentials, users can start streamlining maintenance activities right away. Since most tablets and smartphones are supported, maintenance technicians can work on their maintenance tasks, provide feedback, and access information quickly on the go. 

Which pricing plan is ideal for our maintenance needs?

Well, different maintenance management solutions have different pricing plans. Some even have free but barebone versions with limited functionalities that don’t cover maintenance needs. However, today, most maintenance management apps are priced using the SaaS (software as a service) model, which means organizations have to pay a fixed subscription fee per month.

Paid maintenance management systems have different pricing plans – as low as $35/user/month (for basic plans with many features locked behind a paywall) and up to $120/user/month. However, the most premium versions cost even more and require custom pricing – organizations might need to pay up to $40,000 overall! So, which pricing plan of CloudApper CMMS is an ideal fit for you? 

Well, we’re happy to say that CloudApper CMMS has a single version that costs the same for everyone – only $10/user/month! For the subscription fee, users get access to ALL the features of the app, even the mobile versions! However, that’s not all – users can also access a plethora of enterprise applications built using CloudApper, all of which can be customized according to the users’ needs! 

Contact us now to learn more and experience how it digitizes, organizes, and streamlines your maintenance management efforts.