Computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS) are valuable tools for any business in the manufacturing industry. Not only do they help to reduce downtime and improve equipment performance, but CMMS also improve safety tracking and compliance as well as promote a healthier working environment for businesses in the manufacturing industry.

Maintenance managers have lofty responsibilities. Along with maintaining the company assets and ensuring that they are running smoothly at peak performance, they also have to ensure that workers are not exposed to safety hazards. Lackluster maintenance results in potential risk to machine and equipment operators and workers in the facility, which may cause accidents of varying degrees of severity.

With CloudApper CMMS, maintenance teams can manage their operations, keep equipment and assets running in peak condition, and help guarantee the safety of the operation.

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Here are some of the ways CMMS promote safety in the manufacturing industry:

Designing a safer working environment

A good way to ensure a safe working environment is to place parts and equipment out of the way of workers and making them easy to find. It is also important to make sure that machines are not cluttered and all equipment and tools are in their proper places to reduce injury and safety hazards.

With the map layout module available on CloudApper CMMS, businesses can map out all the assets in their facility, document their locations, include drawings and hazard notifications, and any other details that pertain to their assets.

Ensuring compliance with safety regulations

All organizations in the manufacturing industry must follow safety and compliance regulations for their facility, equipment, or grounds. CloudApper CMMS can help organizations prepare for these audits and inspections easily.

CloudApper CMMS allows maintenance managers to identify the processes and procedures that are required to meet compliance standards by setting up tasks within the CMMS app that must be followed. Maintenance task tracking, documentation, and reporting for safety specifications are all maintained in the CloudApper CMMS app and can be accessed from anywhere at any time from a mobile device.

Database of valuable information

It is critical that organizations identify all their assets and create a safety plan that can be maintained in a centralized database that is accessible from anywhere at any time.

With CloudApper CMMS, manufacturing businesses can store all their resources, drawings, videos, materials, notes, work orders, and other critical information in a database that can be accessed from a mobile device or a computer anywhere at any time. All notifications and communications can be shared with employees in real-time.

Preventative maintenance

We have covered various articles on the importance of preventative maintenance. It is a kind of proactive approach to maintenance that involves routine and regular maintenance to reduce the likelihood of equipment failure which would, in turn, lead to unplanned downtime.

Keeping equipment in good working order is necessary so that it does not malfunction in ways that can accidentally harm workers. CloudApper CMMS software makes it easier to track assets that help define safety schedules and create work orders as needed. CMMS can help create a historical lifecycle record to meet compliance requirements through the management of preventative maintenance tasks, spare parts inventory, and work order tracking.

Scheduling and employee tracking on safety regulations

To ensure safety in your manufacturing business, it is critical that your employees are properly trained on equipment handling, safety procedures, and any potential hazards to which they might get exposed.

With CMMS, it is easier to store information regarding training, completion dates, licenses, and certifications. Managers can schedule specially trained employees to perform certain tasks, record safety requirements for facility and equipment, and create safety inspection work orders to be performed when necessary.

Tracking and reporting

To make a safety plan effective, it is essential to store all of the pertinent documents together so that data can be analyzed and processes can be updated to further improve safety compliance.

CloudApper CMMS allows businesses to store all the information in a centralized location with the ability to create reports and view dashboards and graphs in real-time.

Start ensuring a safer working environment for your manufacturing business

It is common to have accidents and injuries in any asset-intensive industry. To minimize the risks and costs, it’s good to have the right tools that can help you streamline your maintenance processes to ensure a safer working environment.

CloudApper CMMS will help you not only protect your assets but also your employees. Contact us today!