Preventive maintenance is a type of planned maintenance performed to identify and rectify a problem before it occurs. The maintenance activities are conducted at regular intervals; usually, multiple times per year, to keep equipment performing at optimum level and avoid unwanted breakdowns. However, many businesses are not implementing a preventive maintenance plan effectively due to short-term expenses. 

In reality, a preventive maintenance plan will eliminate unnecessary breakdowns, boost productivity, decrease waste, and help organizations to fulfill their future maintenance needs. 

In fact, the Building Owners and Managers Association (BOMA) released a report where they compared the cost of maintaining and replacing equipment and discovered that the more the capital expenditures are delayed, the greater the return on investment it will yield. 

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Acwell-planned preventive maintenance program helps companies gather useful information to analyze when equipment could fail in the future. Businesses can use modern solutions like CMMS or CAFM to save time and create accountability. CloudApper has developed a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) and facility management software (FM) to assist business owners with maintenance management. 

With CloudApper’s CMMS or FM software, businesses can predict the work hours people will put in and the parts necessary to keep operations running before a breakdown. CloudApper CMMS can document the works done, record an asset’s overall health, and recommend steps to keep operations up and running. 

Making A Preventive Maintenance Plan Work

On that note, we have noticed that many businesses fail to implement a preventative maintenance plan effectively. So we have jotted down a few important steps to help companies streamline their maintenance management tasks.


Gathering the right numbers

Not all preventive maintenance plans will be the same for different businesses and different industries, but they will all have one thing in common: numbers. Accurate data is the basis of any maintenance plan. It is essential to know the average lifespan of an asset or equipment, its age, and the frequency of failures to plan preventative maintenance and repair properly.

Involve relevant stakeholders

Plans made alone are likely to be followed alone. When you involve other people in the planning, they are more likely to be involved in the activities. And the same applies when drawing up a preventive maintenance plan. Everyone impacted by the preventive maintenance plan should be involved in implementing and planning to talk through things together.

Incorporate a system to track equipment

To establish an effective preventive maintenance plan, you also need to consider all the key equipment. Information related to warranty, service dates, and results all need to be recorded together. This can be best managed by utilizing tools like CloudApper CMMS or Facilities to improve equipment reliability by as much as 35% to 50%. 

Accurate timeline

Without an accurate timescale of maintenance tasks, any maintenance plan will be ineffective. Some maintenance tasks can take few minutes to complete but some may take days even weeks to complete, and the uncertainty can be very distressing. It is important to track maintenance as it occurs and use the gathered information to anticipate future costs, downtime, and staffing needs to avoid adverse outcomes.

Keep progressing

An effective preventative maintenance plan should also evolve with your organizational needs. The plans shouldn’t just be drawn up and forgotten. Optimization is a continuous process, so make sure to be in it for the long term.

Simplify Your Preventive Maintenance Plan With CloudApper CMMS

CloudApper’s CMMS software or Facilities is an essential tool for scheduling and managing any planned maintenance and monitoring equipment performance. Our solutions are also highly customizable and developed for various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing, fleet, facilities, and more. We can help you set up a maintenance management system without any additional hardware or software.