We’ve always stressed the importance of equipment maintenance and how preventive maintenance is a viable approach for most organizations. For ensuring maintenance management, organizations use different tools and resources, one of the crucial ones being a computerized maintenance management system. Most CMMS apps fall under two categories – on-premise and cloud-based, although many still use ancient methods like spreadsheets or binders rather than these apps. However, a cloud-based CMMS solution has several advantages over traditional and outdated maintenance management systems.

Having said that, let’s look at what a cloud-based CMMS is along with its top benefits.

Cloud-based CMMS solution in a nutshell

Typically when people think of software, the concept is somewhat like this – there’s an app, you install it on your device like a computer, phone, or tablet, and use it. When a user installs software, it’s typically tied to the device. In the case of a traditional CMMS, it’s deployed on-premise and is tied to the hardware, requires more IT resources for maintenance, and is more expensive.

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Cloud-based solutions are entirely the opposite. Companies aren’t tied to the hardware – users can access the app via authorized devices easily. Fewer IT resources are required as the cloud-based solutions don’t need maintenance – everything is done by the vendor. Finally, cloud-based solutions are typically cheaper – organizations need to pay a certain amount of money per user per month.

While some benefits of a cloud-based CMMS are apparent now, let’s look at the most common ones that make it essential.

Top nine benefits of a cloud-based CMMS solution

Unrestricted access

A prominent benefit of a cloud-based CMMS solution is that users aren’t tied to the premise – they can access the app from anywhere and whenever the work requires them to. In contrast, old-school CMMS requires them to be present on the site. With a cloud-based CMMS, maintenance management is much easier as the maintenance team can use their authorized devices whenever and wherever they want to. 

CloudApper CMMS, for example, enables companies to access the app right from smartphones – users only need to log in and have an internet connection. The management, maintenance manager, and technicians can use their smartphones to keep track of the maintenance tasks, assign new work orders, and provide feedback when necessary – something that’s not possible with on-premise solutions.

Reduced burden on IT resources

A cloud-based CMMS solution means that it is handled by the vendor. Organizations just need to use the solution instead of worrying about implementation, maintenance, providing support, installing updates, etc. The IT team can show or provide a manual on how to install and use the CMMS app on authorized devices and that’s it – maintenance team members can start using the app right away after logging in.

With on-premise solutions, there are a lot of headaches like maintenance, implementation, updates, etc. – all of which require servers, hardware, and more IT personnel, incurring significant costs in the process.

Seamless updates 

With on-premise CMMS, updates can be long, cumbersome, and disruptive. Cloud-based CMMS software, on the other hand, makes updates seamless – users are notified about the updates and all they need to do is accept them. Moreover, with on-premise solutions, even the smallest updates can be time-consuming, whereas, with cloud-based solutions, the under-the-hood improvements are occurring constantly, enriching the experience of maintenance team members.

Faster implementation

With on-premise CMMS, organizations need to ensure that the required resources like the hardware, servers, etc, are available. While it might sound simple, getting the management to sign off on such costly machinery can be time-consuming. 


With cloud-based CMMS, organizations just need to make the payment and they’re provided with accounts to use the solution – they can use their authorized devices and a secure internet connection to use it – making implementation faster than ever! As mentioned above, the appropriate personnel just need to demonstrate how to use the solution – maintenance team members can start right away with it!

Reduced costs upfront

Cloud-based CMMS requires fewer IT personnel, no additional servers or hardware, is easy to implement, and can be used from any authorized device. As a result, organizations that use such solutions are saving thousands of dollars upfront! The payment model is quite simple too – organizations need to pay a certain amount based on the number of users. For instance, CloudApper CMMS costs $10/user/month. With cloud-based maintenance management solutions, organizations just need to pay for what they use, whereas on-premise solutions are generally far costlier alternatives. 

Better support and security

For a cloud-based CMMS solution, virtually everything is taken care of by the vendor, including security, maintenance, and everything else in between. An organization’s IT team needs to solve problems of on-premise CMMS apps, causing them to divert away from other critical tasks. Moreover, troubleshooting problems of on-premise solutions can be quite costly, time-consuming, and cumbersome. 

On the other hand, with cloud-based solutions, the vendor takes care of everything. When a user identifies any problems with the solution, they only need to report it to the vendor – the latter will take care of the problems swiftly.


Cloud-based maintenance management systems have a unique benefit for dynamic organizations – they are highly scalable. For instance, if an organization has few maintenance team members now, it needs a solution that can match the lower workload. However, if the same organization aims to expand its maintenance team significantly, it needs a solution that must be able to match the increased workload and maintenance tasks – cloud-based solutions are an ideal fit for such scenarios.


Enhanced productivity

Cloud-based maintenance management systems also enhance productivity. The users just need to log in to the authorized devices and they’re good to go – they’re getting access to crucial information such as spare parts availability, assets, vendors, tasks, etc. These modern maintenance management apps cut down response times, minimize unexpected equipment breakdowns, and prevent production disruptions. 

Improved collaboration

Cloud-based CMMS apps ensure that asset, vendor, spare parts, and technician information are kept in a centralized location in an organized manner. Moreover, authorized users can monitor the progress of technicians, work orders, and repairs. While the maintenance manager can provide feedback and ask for further details, technicians can also update the status of their assigned work orders using the app – helping keep everyone on the same page. 

Regular workers can also submit work requests. Robust maintenance management apps like CloudApper CMMS also allow them to add images or videos to show the precise problems with the faulty equipment. Maintenance managers, upon verification, can assign technicians for emergency maintenance or can add it to the maintenance backlog if there’s no resource available. All in all, a cloud-based CMMS helps improve collaboration and streamline maintenance efforts. 

CloudApper CMMS is the ideal cloud-based solution

CloudApper CMMS provides all the benefits mentioned above and more – it’s a CMMS software that streamlines maintenance tasks and repairs – reducing equipment downtime, improving asset longevity, and boosting productivity using smartphones. All of this, and more, is available only for $10/user/month!