Reducing operating costs of a facility while maintaining a high level of reliability and efficiency is a finely-tuned balancing act. For this reason, organizations should look at how a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) can improve the way they regard basic tasks. 

A good maintenance program can directly contribute to a company’s bottom line by eliminating issues that can adversely affect employee’s performance. Robust tools like CloudApper’s CMMS can significantly augment those efforts and help you streamline more cost-effective maintenance operations. 

Let’s take a look at how a powerful CMMS helps to reduce operating costs.

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Enhances Staff Productivity

In addition to increasing productivity, a CMMS helps staff engage and collaborate in a better way. A CMMS will alert users about required maintenance tasks, notify them about spare parts that need replenishing, or about upcoming maintenance problems. Supervisors can schedule and assign tasks remotely to individuals without any bureaucracy and paperwork. 

This, in turn, minimizes overtime, reducing operations costs along the way by enabling teams to get more work done in less time. For example, maintenance technicians can use equipment maintenance logs to speed up investigations and a planned maintenance checklist to streamline the repair process.

Makes Maintenance More Proactive

There has been a massive shift in maintenance routines in recent years. Maintenance has become more predictive than corrective, even facilitating predictive algorithms. With the average equipment downtime lasting four hours and costing over a million dollars, it makes sense that this is a growing area of concern. 

CloudApper’s CMMS will not only facilitate the shift towards proactive maintenance, but it is also designed to optimize such initiatives. By streamlining the workflow, controlling the assigning of work orders, and fulfilling a facility’s unique requirements, a CMMS reduces wasted downtime, reducing operating costs in the process. 

Similarly, facility management software like the Facility Manager can help supervisors gather necessary information such as material requirements, spare parts list, and inventory levels, which can help provide actionable insights to prevent breakdowns.

Extends Lifecycle of Assets and Decreases Energy Consumption

A shift to preventative maintenance can drastically improve and prolong equipment reliability and availability in the long run. In addition to extending the lifespan of assets, it also provides cost savings in the form of lower energy and water bills. 

Here’s how this works. With a CMMS, facility managers can monitor assets with high energy consumption and help create an effective preventative maintenance program that will keep that equipment running at optimal levels. This way assets are regularly inspected and it helps managers to identify if any equipment is using more power than usual due to some faulty parts causing vibration and overheating. 

Gives More Control of Inventory Costs

A proper CMMS solution will help you reduce inventory costs by allowing you to manage tools, suppliers, service contracts, warranties, and spare parts in your stock. With the insights of use of spare parts and inventory features will provide, facility managers can optimize their stock levels and set reorder points and criticality. 

A CMMS helps managers to keep track of spare parts and will alert them when stock levels get low. This, in turn, will not only reduce equipment downtime but will also help you avoid overstocking parts that you do not need, thus reducing your overall inventory costs.

Better Flow of Information

Organizations with multiple facilities face a real challenge when they use backdated communication and maintenance tools. Many facilities now may be cutting-edge, but their maintenance plan is still old fashioned. 

To stay competitive in the market, organizations will also need to adopt cutting-edge solutions that facilitate the flow of information on mobile devices as well. 

With CloudApper’s CMMS software, facility managers can assign tasks from anywhere, and change task priorities on the go. Technicians can retrieve asset history and collaborate with other technicians from anywhere they want. Other department workers can use the portal to report maintenance or unresolved issues to the maintenance team, and so on. This makes maintenance more proactive and efficient, reducing operating costs in the process.

Generate Insights into Maintenance Parameters

Let’s face it. Paper-based systems or even spreadsheets are becoming obsolete. You need a solution that integrates all the functionalities of facility management in one platform. With a CMMS, facility managers, as well as other staff, can view and create maintenance reports much faster and more easily. Because CMMS will require updates every time any activity is performed, the database will always remain up to date as long as employees diligently input data correctly. Reporting is seamless and eliminates the hassle of going through tons of emails, Excel spreadsheets, and file cabinets.

CloudApper CMMS for Your Laptops, Mobiles, and Tablets

There are plenty of ways of reducing operating costs by adopting a proactive maintenance approach supported by a robust computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). With all of the cost-saving opportunities outlined above, achieving ROI on a CMMS should never be a concern that makes you hesitant to adopt new technology into your business. Remember, a proactive maintenance approach is guaranteed to lower your maintenance costs and increase your asset’s life. 

That said, all CloudApper solutions pricing starts at $10/user/month, and above all, our solutions are 100% customizable to meet your unique business needs. In addition, our users will have access to all our solutions even if they just pay for CMMS.

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