While it is a common misconception that sales agent monitoring and CRM platforms provide the same functions this is incorrect. More importantly, this can be an extremely costly mistake for companies to make, as those who purchase a software system and expect certain results can be left unsatisfied.

Below is a list of the key difference between a CRM platform and a sales agent monitoring tool in order for companies to gain a deeper understanding of what it is that they will require:

What is it?

CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool that is designed to manage the sales process and interactions between sales agents and clients in order to build stronger customer relationships. CRM software is particularly beneficial when dealing with existing customers.

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Sales Agent Monitoring Software is a system that monitors the activities recorded by a sales agent during their working hours. Daily activities, customer visit details, schedules, sales orders, and prospective leads are some of the variables that can be stored on a sales agent monitoring platform.

The differences

CRM Systems

  • CRM systems provide a centralized solution to manage the sales life cycle of a customer and client.
  • Allows agents to identify opportunities to up-sell.
  • Decreases churn rate.
  • Used to ensure customer retention.

Sales Agent Monitoring Software

  • Dedicated to ensuring productivity and accountability amongst sales agents, this is done through the transparency of activities.
  • Increases productivity and optimizes conversion rates.
  • Real-time monitoring capabilities through Geo-Fencing.
  • Ability to work on the go through robust mobile application functionality that loses none of its capabilities when operated on a mobile phone.
  • Focus on gaining new customers.
  • Developed for sales agents who spend a lot of time on the road prospecting.

While both a CRM system and sales agent monitoring application are essential to any company the features and benefits of the software provide very different results.