While there is a common misconception that sales agent monitoring software is solely for the benefit of a company this is simply not true. Sales force monitoring software can be very beneficial to a sales agent by assisting in the following ways.

Analyzing the sales and marketing efforts required for leads
The task management function, often found on many sales agent monitoring applications can help sales agents understand the tasks and time required to close a lead. Reviewing past activities can also assist a sales agent in understanding the value of leads. Due to the variables involved, different leads have either higher or lower rates of success, reviewing these variables through past sales tasks can assist the sales agent in applying their resources in an efficient manner to gain the best results. For example, certain leads in specific sectors or geographic areas may yield the best results therefore more focus should be placed on these segments.

Discover which marketing activities are the most effective.
When performing a number of sales activities it can be overwhelming for a sales agent to keep track of the results, with the robust reporting capabilities provided by sales monitoring software, sales agents can track the effectiveness of certain sales activities in order to refine their approach.

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Evaluate and set new goals.
By nature sales agents are driven personalities that are always looking to achieve more. Sales agent monitoring software enables agents to analyze their past activities, both when losing leads and closing leads. The insight gained from past activities assists in forecasting and setting new goals.

Creates an environment of accountability
A consistent criticism faced by field sales agents is the lack of transparency around their sales activities, sales monitoring software leads to transparency between the company and sales agents. The transparency around the tasks being carried out ensures that stand out performances by sales agents will be noticed and rewarded accordingly. This will also be seen as a motivating factor for many agents.