If your organization is surviving in the highly contested small and mid-tier information technology market, it can only mean one of two things, a) Your sales team is good, or b) Your sales team is exceptional. But if you are an organization struggling to meet its yearly targets, here are a few sales strategies and marketing practices to help you through the sales journey.

Going Digital

Make your mark in the digital space. Make sure you have responsive websites, mobile sites, CRM, sales force management apps, online email campaigns, and others.

Events and Conferences

Being present at events and conferences not only ensures that you get noticed but this sales strategy also conveys your intentions for the industry you are in.

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Freelance Marketplaces

People with one-time requirements post-work/jobs on freelancing websites and it is one of the best places for scouting talent for initial projects.

Social Media Channels

Organizations should be where the customers are, and that’s social media. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube are some of the forums you can leverage.

Personal Network 

Reach out to people in your network who may require something you are selling. These contacts may include some you made through previous employers, too.

References from Customers

Always try to solve your customers’ problems and ask them for references to add additional revenue sources in your organization.


It is important to make partners on the way to boost your sales. These may be channel partners, OEM’s, dealers, agents, etc.

Advanced level sales strategies

These 7 steps done correctly can keep your sales channels buzzing and help you meet all yearly sales targets. But perhaps you want to do more than only “meet targets”. There are a few more things you can do to surpass those targets and reach the next level. Again, these are based on our experience here at CloudApper.


Focus on building a product. Understand the problems of customers and the market to come up with unique solutions to address them.

In Touch with Customers

Try to meet clients and vendors face to face even if they are in a different geographical location. Why? Because not many of your other competitors are doing that and personal meetings help build more trust.

Customers as Partners

Evolve a model where references are a win-win for both the customer and your organization. This sales strategy will incentivize their sharing of references and give rise to a mutually beneficial situation.

Add Value Added Services

Always aim to achieve higher revenues from existing clients by providing additional services – some free and some paid. This will ensure the client stays loyal to you and you get an increased revenue source.

Upskill Team

To push the game to the next level, your team’s skills should always be top-notch in the industry. Invest in your employees, so the customers will be able to invest in your organization.

Be Visible

Sponsor events, be where the customers are, have visibility at the places that matter the most. The right audience should know that your organization exists and what you are doing in the industry.

Target Enterprises

Instead of treating large enterprises as competition and threats, treat them as potential clients. Understand what the pain points of these organizations are and look to solve their pain.

These 14 sales strategies, if followed correctly, will not only help your organization complete the race but will also help you outrun the competition and complete the marathon.