Sales management through tech is getting increasingly popular, as companies strive to get ahead of the competition and sell more. Cloud applications are lightweight apps that can help you take control of your sales operations to guarantee more revenue. CloudApper is a no-code platform that can help alleviate the problem of not having access to software developers by letting you create apps without any coding knowledge. CloudApper SalesQ is a sales tracking software for outside sales monitoring that can help you take control of your sales operations.

SalesQ allows you to authenticate the check-in locations of sales reps and helps them report on activities from the field. This helps to increase their mobility. Skynamo is a sales platform that caters to wholesalers. Skynamo is used by manufacturers, distributors, and wholesalers to monitor reps who sell goods in the field. The app incorporates GPS and can track orders. Dashboards help managers keep track of rep activities. However, CloudApper SalesQ is a viable Skynamo alternative due to its SaaS structure and scalability. Let’s take a look at some of the downsides of Skynamo.

Drawbacks of Skynamo

Skynamo lacks the feature that enables of editing photos once they have been captured through the app. Documents necessary to visits cannot be uploaded adjacent to the visit details for proper reporting by reps. The GPS ingrained in the app is somewhat buggy. The database that is built in Skynamo does not support all formats and follows the conventions set by the Skynamo team. Populating the list of prospects takes time as the app is slow to load.

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Dashboard tiles are not customizable, and the Skynamo devs have to be involved. Clients cannot be emailed through the app. Customer profiles need to be imported or exported and cannot be created from scratch. The movement of stock is not traceable within the app. Data from previous weeks cannot be accessed by reps on the current one, making it difficult to understand stock movement. Navigation within the app is quite cumbersome as well and selecting “back” to go to a previous page takes you to the main page.

SalesQ for Field Sales Monitoring

SalesQ helps you track whether sales reps are actually visiting client locations through Geo-fencing, which lets them provide check-in reports only from certain locations. Reps can use the mobile app to give reports on KPIs on the go, which helps to dynamically track their progress throughout the day. Reps can also make a digital catalog by scanning barcodes to make sure clients are up to date on product information.

SalesQ can track and log order data. This helps reps to pull up order histories to identify trends. Customer feedback can also be recorded to make sure that their concerns are taken into consideration. Inventory management and total revenue tracking are also possible to measure sales performance. The app can be configured to give updates on task completion. SalesQ can be customized to help you sell the way you sell, so reps require zero training. Marketing collateral can be attached to the database for a seamless selling experience.

Pricing Comparison

SalesQ and Skynamo are both apps for sales management. However, SalesQ is highly affordable, and signing up for an account allows you to customize the app and use a plethora of other apps from the CloudApper Marketplace. You can also make your own apps and publish them to the marketplace, which others can buy and provide you with revenue. Our white-glove service allows you to have your custom app prepared by us if you prefer.

                                                The Pricing Plan

No free plan No free plan
Starts at $10 per user per month $69 per user per month
Unlimited Apps from CloudApper marketplace Not applicable

The Better Alternative

SalesQ allows you to be flexible about managing sales teams and comes at an affordable price. Dashboards can be tweaked to track and display data across various periods, and the app is fast and flexible. Scale the app as per your preferences to manage different locations and an increased number of team members. Contact us now to enjoy other apps in the CloudApper Marketplace.