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Collin Williams | Posted on October 31, 2022 / in Workplace Safety Compliance / 595 views

Ten Benefits of Using Powerful Cloud Based Safety Inspection Software

EHS Worker using Cloud-Based-Safety-Inspection-Software

Regular comprehensive inspections are the foundation of every safety and compliance program. The way safety professionals conduct those inspections can make or break the program’s efficiency, quality, and overall performance. Although the “old school” techniques of inspection may have relied on pen and paper forms, or even word processing and spreadsheet software, the current technology now provides some tremendously strong alternatives that can take inspection efforts to the next level. Some of the key benefits of employing modern cloud based safety inspection software are listed below.

Scheduling and Organization

Scheduling is the initial stage of any inspection program. This process can be automated using modern safety inspection software based on user demand. Inspectors can use tools to repeat specific inspection checklists at a frequency of their choosing and seamlessly manage all pending inspections. Inspections can then begin by simply pressing a button.

Mobile Application

A user-friendly mobile application interface is usually included with quality inspection software. These apps work best on smartphones or tablets screens. Inspectors can use the device’s camera hardware to enter findings and collect images in the field. Mobile applications simplify and expand the processes of recording and uploading inspection-related data.

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Recurring Problems

Noticing where an issue has previously been identified regarding that same site, object, and/or user is a crucial step in any safety inspection. Users of cloud-based safety inspection software can access historical inspection data and identify repeat violations in real time. Inspectors can then add commentaries as they describe their most recent findings. This feature of inspection software discourages repeat incidences while also providing context for future inspections.

Inspection and Review Workflows

Some institutions may need or benefit from the ability to establish a review mechanism for completed inspections. This approach is aided by safety inspection software. The audit is performed and submitted by inspectors, and selected administrators can review and comment on the findings before they are finalized. This enables the issuance and assignment of corrective actions, resulting in a more efficient process.

Tracking Corrective Actions in Real Time

The most difficult duty administrators confront after having identified and assigned remedial measures is tracking each of these actions until their completion. Inspectors may simply examine the statuses of all assigned activities within the system and arrange them by due date, severity, location, or other qualities with a cloud-based safety inspection software.

Automated Action Reminders

Administrators can use safety inspection software to send automatic email reminders about overdue tasks to speed up the correction process. Reminders can be customized in terms of timing, frequency, and audience. These criteria ensure transparency if an issue requires the involvement of additional parties (area supervisors, heads of departments, etc.). Cloud based safety inspection software goes above and beyond to reduce human mistakes and boost responsibility.

Extensions and Reassignments of Actions

Users may need to request extensions on the due dates of assigned corrective actions on occasion or may realize that the wrong person was allocated to address the issue. In either instance, those end users can submit an extension or reassignment request using the safety inspection program, boosting administrators’ overall action management capabilities.

Keeping Track of Inspection Reports

Administrators will naturally begin accumulating considerable volumes of data as they use a safety inspection software suite, including the inspection report itself. It is critical to have easy access to historical inspection reports. Cloud-based safety inspection software excels in this area, because data and reports are not only securely kept on servers but are also immediately available for viewing, exporting, or printing.

Analytics and Dashboards

A safety program’s overarching purpose includes more than just conducting inspections and addressing remedial actions; the ability to present all of this information in dashboards and data summaries is where a fully-featured safety inspection tool truly shines. Administrators can quickly evaluate data to spot patterns or potentially problematic areas in their safety programs. Data-driven decisions and resources can be allocated to ensure a safer environment.

Integration of Multiple Modules

Many high-end safety inspection solutions include seamless connection with other safety-related modules from the software provider as an added feature. These modules could include permit approvals, incident investigations, and radiation safety. As a result, a fully integrated safety software universe that can bundle information and enable decision-making to match the demand of an ever-changing business has been created.

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