The need for integrating CloudApper CRM software with ERP software is rapidly growing in all business sectors to help reduce manual customer data management and eliminate unnecessary tasks, thus improving the efficiency of the streamlined marketing processes. The integration of CRM software also reduces the possibility of human errors by removing the input of manual elements. Manual inputs cause a monotonous time-consuming data entry with a possibility of human errors which are hard to avoid.

Using an Accounting and CRM software system can bring many benefits to your business and the challenge only arises when there is a disconnection between both systems, resulting in a lack of data sharing. Sage 200 is an accounting software solution that empowers companies to run faster and smarter by eliminating downtime with 24/7 availability. CloudApper CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software helps to simplify the sales process by shortening sales cycles. The software has changed the way businesses manage and maintain customer relations, allowing marketing teams to identify sources of leads and opportunities to close them into sales.

The integration of Sage 200 with CloudApper CRM can benefit companies in gaining fundamental information required to drive sales and revenue. You can also manage your accounts, manufacturing, customers, supply chain, and business intelligence whilst you are on the go.

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The benefits of using Sage 200 and CloudApper CRM Synchronization

Allow Sage 200 & CloudApper CRM systems to talk to each other and let them do the hard work for you by eliminating double entry of contact details, managing company details, and orders. The integration of the two systems automates manual processes and helps to reduce operational costs, save the need for time in putting together divergent procedures and enhance overall customer service levels.

CloudApper CRM helps reduce costly mistakes by increasing accuracy and effectiveness, thus the integration enables everyone within your company to have access to the latest information, whether they are Sage 200 or CloudApper users.

Once CloudApper CRM and Sage 200 get seamlessly synchronized, they eliminate the need to switch between systems to check information and insight into your leads, order history, and customers. The combination of the two leading systems is highly customizable and provides you with the tools to create an efficient sales team that drives revenue. When new client accounts are created or edited, the system automatically synchronizes with the back office application; the system provides access to open sales orders, invoice history, and client details. Sage integration allows for work to be done both online and offline, enabling you to view accounting data through the system remotely while being offline.  The customization of your dashboard and automating tasks empowers your sales team to seamlessly manage the sales cycle. Thus, you can close deals faster than ever before with advanced forecasting, reporting, and analytics.

In today’s connected world, it is very important to make sure your customers and employees are constantly connected to your brand. The synchronization of these two solutions allows you to scale your customer experience capabilities and reduce response time. The mobile access feature enables remote staff to have reliable access to all the customers without complexity which helps to better understand customer’s needs, solve their problems quickly and identify opportunities to help them. The whole process allows you to build a positive, long-lasting relationship with each of your customers.

You can create cross-channel marketing campaigns and access data from every department to produce better marketing tactics that engage with your customers. You can empower your marketing team with a seamless customer experience using one combined system that shows all your business processes in one accessible place.

The use of two systems also eliminates the cost of double licensing. Users can see stock and order history; without the need for a Sage 200 User license for visibility.

The possibilities are endless with the integration of CloudApper with Sage 200. With automated processes, you can eliminate the burden of inefficient, duplicate manual data entry and reduce waste of valuable time and orders in each system.

By synchronizing CloudApper CRM with Sage 200, you can create a more positive user experience with an integrated system and gain clear visibility across your systems.

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