ERPs are versatile applications that are adept at managing core functions of an organization like finance, sales, and production. Integration of a cloud-based app like CloudApper SalesQ with Sage 200 can help better manage sales teams by focusing on proper sales management.

CloudApper is a no-code business app development platform that offers customized apps for sales force management, facility management, and customer relationship management. SalesQ is a sales force monitoring app by CloudApper that can be integrated into Sage 200 to simplify the sales management process and keep a better track of the sales force to achieve Better ROI.

Why Should You Integrate CloudApper SalesQ with Sage 200?

Integrating SalesQ with Sage 200 will eliminate the hassle of manual data entry and make the data transfer process automated. Data captured by SalesQ for sales force management can also be inserted back to Sage 200 for complex analysis through integration. Existing data in Sage 200 can also be updated by salesforce metrics captured by SalesQ, which is more adept at sales team-based data capture.

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When Should You Integrate CloudApper with Sage 200?

Shifting to a more specialized client for sales management might be a necessity under certain circumstances. Some of them are discussed below:

When Simplification Is Required

Sage 200 deals with a bulk of complex data stemming from different functions. It can be quite difficult for the average user to sift through such complex data and conduct sales operations. Hence, it will be a wise choice to go for integration with a specialized sales management app like SalesQ.

When Remote Access is Necessary

SalesQ has a user-side app that can be utilized by sales reps to record data on the field. Sage 200, however, is quite complex and requires access from a desktop PC. To increase accessibility, it is vital to integrate SalesQ with Sage 200 for field sales monitoring to be easier.

When You Have a Unique Business Process

ERPs capture data from a plethora of sources, and oftentimes it is hard for applications such as Sage 200 to cater to that data as per your unique business needs. Integrating with SalesQ will help you customize and display the sales management module data as per your unique business needs.

How CloudApper SalesQ Integration With Sage 200 Makes Your Sales Force Management Process Seamless?

The perks of adding a dedicated sales management handle are many. The key benefits of using a field sales monitoring app are discussed below:

Identifying Trends

SalesQ has a functional dashboard that gives statistics into products such as which products are being sold in more quantities and during which times of the period, which will help receive better insight into the overall sales operations. Complex apps contain a lot of data, and focusing on what is necessary can be a little difficult at times.

Sales Force Tracking

The whereabouts of the sales reps along with their level of target achievement can be possible by the utilization of a field sales monitoring app like SalesQ. This ensures guaranteed profits through proper sales force management, which is not possible by conventional ERPs like Sage 200, so integration is necessary.

Recording Customer Feedback

SalesQ can document customer feedback, which can be used to tweak inventories for optimal revenues. Integrating SalesQ to Sage 200 will not only allow a transfer of data but also provide an option to customize products by listening to what customers have to say about products.

SalesQ For Sales Force Management

A centralized ERP can keep track of a lot of essential functions for a company. Sage 200 is very successful in this regard. However, integration of a specialized field sales monitoring app like SalesQ with Sage 200 will make sure that the sales management function is delegated to a separate app customized solely for sales force management. So, what are you waiting for? Contact us today!